Jane the Virgin S3E7 Review

It's the mid-season finale (already!) even though it's only November, but this could mean some very exciting things going on this week.

S3E7 "Chapter Fifty-One"

Jane and Michael can't wait to get rid of Catalina, who doesn't seem like she is ever going to leave. Jane gets rid of Catalina, but she ends up staying due to Rafael. Jane tries to find out if Catalina is hiding something, so she asks about chairing. Jane then looks in Catalina's purse, but is caught.

Alba reminds Jane that she hasn't been to church in a long time, and it is really funny as she pretends she doesn't think it's a big deal. It's also funny when the narrator changes Jane the Virgin to Jane the Guilty Catholic. The narrator creates some suspense after Jane studies Alfred Hitchcock, and it is really funny when Jane imagines a scene with her, Michael, and Rafael as an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Rafael discovers that he has stolen art, and there is an entertaining moment following this discovery, again referencing Hitchcock. Things get really suspenseful when Jane and Rafael go to the convent where Rafael's memories are coming from, and a certain nun returns early.

Jane realizes why she hasn't been going to church while talking to a nun, and it is a great moment. Rafael receives the envelope, but it remains a mystery. Michael doesn't pass his physical, which is a sad moment for him. Rafael tells Jane what the envelope revealed, that he is not actually a Solano.

Rogelio tries to find a woman, and he has some hilarious lines here. He then meets many women, and it is funny when he tells each of them that he is just not feeling it. When asked why he wants a child, Rogelio's explanation is really sweet. The solution ends up being Rogelio and the person running the dating service having a baby.

This was a great episode. It had a lot of humor, heart, and suspense. It served as a great mid-season finale.

Score: 10/10

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