Bull S1E6 Review

This week, Bull and his team are helping a surgeon being sued for malpractice. This surgeon also happens to be Marissa's ex.

S1E6 "Bedside Manner"

After taking on the case, the team runs the mock trial, which does not go well due to the surgeon's personality. This should be an interesting challenge. They conclude that pragmatic jurors would be the most likely to side with the surgeon. They also bring in the lawyer from the pilot in, a choice which I like because I enjoyed her. Bull ends up with two jurors who are pragmatists, and some that will like the surgeon's personality. Cable discovers that mistakes occurred in the surgery that weren't reported, which were performed by others, not the surgeon, and Danny discovers that the surgeon specifically requested them on his team.

It turns out the surgeon chose those people because they were predictable. Bull tells the lawyer what to do, some steps of which connect to specific jurors. It is an interesting plan. The arguments presented in this case are also interesting because they are fairly unusual arguments, calling the surgeon a jerk. Bull gets a juror that is problematic replaced, and the replacement gets along with the other jurors, but this juror has an opinion already that isn't good. Meanwhile, Danny and Cable sneak in to the hospital in a wonderful scene.

The flaws in the machine used in the surgery are exposed in court, which is a great scene. The replacement juror is the most influential, and still hasn't been convinced. The way to convince her to change her mind is for the surgeon to admit that he can make a mistake, which is definitely a challenge considering his ego. He is put on the stand, and it goes very wrong, but they manage to make it right in the end by getting him to admit that he isn't very good at things besides surgery. Bull brings Marissa to talk to the woman suing, and she explains how she was adopted, and that she can start a family that way.

This was a strong episode, with interesting jury analysis, and a uniquely challenging case.

Score: 10/10

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