The New ABC Shows--How They're Doing According to Graphs

I figured this would be as good a time as ever to present to you the ratings of ABC's new shows according to graphs. I've made the graphs very simply so that you can get an overall sense of how they're doing.

Conviction premiered in the Monday at 10pm time slot after Dancing with the Stars, and stayed there. That's not something you can say for any other show this decade. So, how's it doing? Not good. They're not giving it a backorder, meaning they most likely see financial benefits to airing a different show there in the spring instead.

American Housewife
American Housewife is most likely ABC's biggest surprise of the season; airing in an extremely tough time slot where the network has found little success in ever since they moved SHIELD, but American Housewife has shown an ability to grow from its lead-in or at least tie it on several occasions, and earned a backorder.

While technically Speechless is higher-rated than American Housewife, one can make an argument either way as to which one is stronger. Regardless, Speechless is sandwiched between The Goldbergs and Modern Family, and holds a sizable portion of the former. The time slot year-to-year is down significantly, but ABC has launched another solid comedy. It's premiere was literally off-the-charts (see below).

On the surface level, Notorious had a great time slot, airing after Grey's Anatomy (though Grey's in all fairness doesn't have a huge live audience, a large portion of its L+SD viewing is done same-day). When it came to promotion though, the network didn't seem to have a ton of confidence in the show, and we can see why just by looking at the graph. Which yes, is orange, your mind is not tricking you.

Designated Survivor
This high-profile political drama started off really well, at a 2.2 A18-49 L+SD rating at 10pm, but quickly dropped off from there. It still rates as ABCs #2 10pm show, though the trend on this show isn't quite as steady as the other ones.

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