Superstore S2E3 Review

This week Superstore will handle two political topics, guns and the morning after pill.

S2E3 "Guns, Pills and Birds"

This week, Jonah has to sell guns, Glenn discovers that the store sells the morning after pill, and a bird in the store scares Garrett. There is some mild humor in the first act, but nothing big.

Dina and Mateo try to catch the bird, and they have some funny moments in doing so. Glenn buys all of the morning after pills, which is funny when he discovers how expensive they are and that he is unable to return them.

Glenn hilariously tries to sell morning after pills to people, and it is great. Jonah's story goes great places when Amy has to speak, and she talks about how her plans were ruined. I loved when Amy and Jonah argued again, but in reverse.

Each of the storylines got very funny, even though they didn't start out that well.

Score: 8.5/10

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