FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: A Look Ahead to Rosewood and The Last Man On Earth

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A Look Ahead At The Last Man On Earth
The Last Man On Earth returns Sunday, March 6 at 9:30/8:30c, pushing Bordertown all the way to 7pm. Bordertown, enjoy your one airing without Daylight Savings Time. If Bordertown were a ratings success, this would not be happening; it would keep its time slot and The Last Man On Earth would have to find another place to air. But since it pretty much flopped, FOX is hoping that Last Man can come fix one of their problems. The show fluctuated between a 1.0 and a 1.5 in the fall,
averaging a 1.28 A18-49 rating and around that vicinity in M18-34. Per Vulture, it also gets a sizable streaming and VOD push, both of which force you to watch commercials. If it returns above a 1.0 and stays there for the rest of the season, it's most likely getting a renewal. Lord Miller Productions is certainly gaining traction on FOX, which has picked up Son of Zorn for next season, and it's said their time-traveling comedy is also a frontrunner. Will FOX have room for all 3? Depends, but if The Last Man On Earth can manage to not go fractional, it's already a step above half of their comedies right now.So keep a close watch on those ratings everyone--we'll know more soon.

A Look Ahead At Rosewood
Rosewood was looking good in the fall, consistently a mid 1s performer, even though it's a little misleading with Empire inflating the second half-hour. Since it left the air on December 2, Scream Queens and Bones both got renewed, and Lucifer entered the scene as a promising new drama (and one that is arguably stronger than Rosewood). All of a sudden Rosewood doesn't look as safe as it used to. FOX seems bound to break that 4-dramas-only-renewed trend, probably to fill up space in a world without American Idol. Do they have space for Rosewood next season? We will have to wait and see, but as of now I think it may depend on pilot season and where Lucifer settles. Not getting any part of the Thursday Night Football package is certainly a blow to FOX, which may or may not be airing a combination of Bones and Rosewood on what's known as the most important night for advertisers.

We will know more about Rosewood very soon, as it comes back tomorrow (Wednesday, March 2) and will be spending the next four weeks without any Empire pre-tune. If it's not in a safe 3rd place the whole time (i.e. if Arrow or The Mysteries of Laura have a chance of tying or even beating it), it may be one-and-done for Rosewood and hello-season-two for Lucifer. It's time to find Rosewood's true strength, and even though Bones and Scream Queens were renewed with woefully low ratings, I'm not so sure FOX would be willing to do that to a 3rd drama. They have to have some standard.

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