Jane the Virgin S2E15 Review

This week's episode picks up where the last one left off, with Rogelio still kidnapped, and Alba preparing to meet her ex who she believes is cursed.

S2E15 "Chapter Thirty-Seven"

At the start of the episode, we see Jane's strong feelings at nine years old, and we get a reference to the 2000 presidential election, specifically in Florida. We also get a look at Alba's superstitions. In the present, Alba is preparing for the visit from her back luck ex-boyfriend. Jane calls Rogelio to tell him that she is marrying Michael, which means that he needs to call her back, or she will know something is wrong. Jane meets with a potential advisor, who says that the romance genre is "barf", but it will be fine as long as there are two female characters with names who discuss something other than a man. Michael's parents visit, and Jane and Michael are shocked when they say that he shouldn't marry her.

Rafael meets his half-brother, who is kind of an odd character. Michael talks to Rafael on the phone about police stuff, and it is funnily awkward when Michael gets a call from Jane. Jane calls Michael because she is worried about Rogelio. Alba tells Jane and Xo the dramatic story of her cursed ex, and it is hilariously over-dramatic. Jane and Xo let Pablo into the house, and the power immediately goes out. Michael shows up at the perfect time to help Rogelio. Rogelio has a great plan of how to get them outside, he says that it will be better production value. Michael then arrests Lola. Alba agrees to see Pablo, and a fire is started, though put out quickly. Jane then receives a call from Michael.

Hilariously, Rogelio's biggest concern is make-up to cover his wound. Jane and Xo are concerned about him, but Rogelio is concerned about news coverage and the possibility of an interview with the person he has dreamed of being interviewed by. Jane discovers that the advisor didn't like her work. Rogelio gets the interview he wants, but doesn't tell the story to Jane. Michael and Jane meet with his parents again, and they interrogate her, so they decide to leave.

Xo and Alba tell Jane that she has a need to be liked by everyone, and Jane realizes this is true with both her future in-laws and her advisor, so she works hard on her writing. Rafael asks Jane about how he is worried about Petra bonding with her daughters. Jane discovers that Michael's parents aren't going to go to the engagement party, so she drives all the way out to his mother's house to ask her to come. It is a great scene. Rafael meets with his half-brother, and decides to follow him somewhere, against what Michael advised. Rogelio's agent calls Jane, so she goes to him. He is worried about doing the interview. He is worried that people will make fun of him. Jane tells him that being there for him is more important than her engagement party, and that is really sweet, it is a great scene. Meanwhile, Rafael agrees to get on a boat with his half-brother.

Rafael talks to his half-brother out on the boat. They actually have a good conversation. Jane finally gets back to her engagement party. Jane stands up to Michael's parents, and it is great. She later gets an email from her advisor, who really liked her material, which is really exciting. I always feel Jane's excitement in this show, and that is great. Rafael calls Michael to tell him that he thinks his half-brother is innocent, but now he seems suspicious. Alba and Pablo have a great night, where they dance. Meanwhile, Jane and Xo are hearing noises at their house. Then, the ceiling cracks open and water pours in. Maybe the curse is real!

While some aspects of this week's story seemed rather unoriginal, great performances, especially by Gina Rodriguez, elevated this episode to being a good one.

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