Life in Pieces S1E20 Review

The first season of Life in Pieces is nearing its end. Will it continue its improvement all the way to the end?

S1E20 "Prank Assistant Gum Puppy"

In the first story, Heather and Tim are walking home after having too much to drink, and they rearrange the letters on the sign for Tyler's school. They think this is hilarious, but Tyler informs them that the school thinks a junior or senior did it, and as a result, the senior trip is canceled. There is a really funny joke about Tyler and Clementine "skiing". They confess, but the school then thinks that Tyler did it. They go back to the school to prove they did it, but change their minds after Tyler is popular because of it.

In the second story, Jen gets a new assistant, who is male. When Greg discovers this, he is pretty funny. The assistant turns out to be perfect at like everything, which is also pretty funny. Jen tells Greg that she can't fire her assistant, but when he says that his sister could work as Greg's assistant, Jen fires him, which is really funny.

In the third story, Samantha and Sophia are going to stay with Joan. Joan lets them have junk food, but Sophia gets gum in her hair. This eventually results in things getting revealed between Heather, Joan, John, Tyler, and Tim, which is mildly funny.

In the forth story, John and Colleen are hanging out at the dog park. It seems like Life in Pieces is just trying to come up with ways to keep Colleen in the show. John intends to keep this secret from Matt, but that hilariously doesn't work out. Colleen ends up getting really annoyed by John, because they are spending too much time together. Matt brings John's dog to the dog park, and he talks with Colleen.

The first and second stories were both really good, the third story was mediocre, and the forth was alright. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

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