FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Brooklyn 9-9 Renewed, Is 0.8 The Standard?

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With Brooklyn 9-9 Renewed, Is That FOX's Standard?
FOX recently announced a 4th season renewal for Brooklyn 9-9. While a solid player on Sunday, Brooklyn 9-9 has fallen all the way down to a 0.8 A18-49 demo rating on Tuesdays. To add on to that, FOX doesn't own the show (NBC does), and it doesn't see that M/W18-34 skew that some other FOX comedies see. However, FOX was totally intent on renewing it? Why? Well, it may do well enough on Hulu as for that to be a significant source of revenue for the show. It may see big boosts in C3 and C7. These factors we do not have numbers for, but we can see a trend: just like Scream Queens, Brooklyn 9-9 could go all the way down to a 0.8 and still get renewed. So, is that FOX's floor? 

Why Is Grandfathered Now In the "Watching" Column?
If that indeed is the floor, then FOX has reason to renew Grandfathered for a second season. If FOX wants to save any of its freshmen comedies (Scream Queens is a comedic drama that is referred to as
a comedy when the PR department needs it to be), they would choose Grandfathered. It's the strongest of all the other freshmen comedies (The Grinder, Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, and Bordertown), as well. FOX also partially owns the show, alongside ABC. This may come down to extraneous factors that we don't know about, but unless FOX plans on cancelling all new comedies, this could be back. But even then: nothing is stopping them from cancelling them all. Stay tuned, I'm watching it for now.

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