CW Renew/Cancel Watch: Has Significant Mother Been Canceled?

Welcome to another installment of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch. I'm Jessica (known as Super Smoo in the comments), and for the past 25 weeks, I've been predicting a show's fate for renewal or cancelation. Normally, there are six categories: Final Season, Certain to be Canceled, Likely to be Canceled, Watching, Likely to be Renewed, and Certain to be Renewed. This time there are four categories: Final Season, Certain to be Canceled, Watching, and Renewed.

Final Season
Certain to be Canceled
Beauty and the Beast
Significant Mother

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Jane the Virgin



The 100

The Flash

The Originals (F)

The Vampire Diaries (F)

Since all eleven shows currently on air were renewed, it's time to find some filler headlines.

As it becomes more apparent, there still hasn't been any news on Significant Mother. I put it back on the table for one simple reason.

Significant Mother was the lowest rated WB show last summer, despite being a WB/CBS coproduction. Because of this, it has been certain to be canceled for the longest time. The question is, has it already been canceled?

New rule: All shows that haven't premiered yet will be in the 'Watching' column until after the premiere.

Containment will premiere in mid-April, and I'm placing it on the bubble. Despite getting The Flash as a lead-in, it looks like the network has very little faith in the show, according to TVBTN commenters. Hit clue: limited series.

Here's the definition of a limited series.

Limited series - A show that gets a limited number of episodes per season, not number of seasons. Typically limited series have less than 22 episodes.

Here are some examples. The 100 has been a limited series throughout its run. iZombie has been limited so far due to scheduling. Even Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can be described as limited in nature because of the partial backorder.

If a limited series garners ratings worthy of a renewal, it will be renewed. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Folks, just because a show gets retooled doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad sign. FOX's Lucifer was retooled, and so far, it is getting renewal worthy ratings with Gotham as a lead in.

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