Modern Family S7E17 Review

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This week's episode mostly takes place over the course of one night.

S7E17 "Express Yourself"

At the start of the episode, Cam's sister Pam is staying with them, and this is really funny. She is upset about having being left by her boyfriend, and she is obsessed. Haley has dinner with Andy, and he wants to see Haley's wild side. Phil gets a last-minute deal for a weekend in Paris. Claire is concerned about the time change, but Alex says that they can just stay up that night and sleep on the plane. There are some great lines from Alex in this scene, such as when she corrects them. Jay is working on the master bathroom, and the project has gone on longer than expected, which Gloria knew would happen and is angry about.

Jay can't sleep while he's angry, and Mitch can't sleep in his house because of machines that Cam and Pam need to use while sleeping at this time of year due to allergies, so they go to a diner. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil try to stay awake, but keep falling asleep. It is really funny when Claire wears a mask and scares Phil multiple times, as well as Alex once. Cam discovers the influence that Pam is having on Lily, which is not a good influence, though it is pretty funny. Joe gets stuck in the tar in the master bathroom.

Gloria gets Joe out of the tar, and insists on making sure that Jay doesn't notice what has happened in the bathroom, because she wants to be one hundred percent right, which is hilarious. Claire and Phil talk. Phil says really wanted to go to Paris because he wanted to spend time with Claire. Jay convinces Mitch to do karaoke. Andy realizes that Haley likes how calm he is, but only after he makes a big bet in Vegas. Cam and Pam get into a fight, which is hilarious, and Mitch uses Madonna lyrics to make her feel better, which is hilarious. The tag scene is really funny, as Phil and Claire head to Paris, but Claire is asleep.

The fact that the episode took place all on the same night helped it. The biggest good move the episode made though was Claire and Phil's goal to stay awake, as that it a good objective. Overall, this was a great episode.

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