Fresh Off the Boat S2E15 Review

This week, Louis makes a friend who is a woman. How does Jessica react?

S2E15 "Keep 'Em Separated"

At the start of the episode, Louis keeps interrupting Jessica and Honey's girl time, which is pretty funny. They eventually find a spot where they can hang out, Cattleman's Ranch after Louis leaves, and they realize that they should get Louis playing pool again to get him a friend. Jessica is really funny in this. Eddie makes plans to have ice cream with Nicole after her boyfriend breaks up with her, but Dave brings up the concern that Allison may get mad. Louis makes a friend, but then he reveals that this friend is a woman.

Jessica freaks out to Honey, and they go to find Louis and his new friend. Jessica gets Louis, and it is funny. Nicole and Allison talk, and later Eddie discovers that Allison is not mad about his old crush, but she used to have a crush on Dave. Jessica gives Louis a hilariously long list of rules of when and how he can be friends with women. Jessica then becomes Louis's pool partner.

Jessica knows nothing about pool, and it's really funny. Eddie gets mad at Dave, and Allison gets mad at Eddie when she discovers he made plans with Nicole. Louis and Jessica tell each other what they talk about when with their respective friends, and it is pretty funny. Jessica decides to let Louis hang out with the friend he made. Eddie apologizes to Dave.

Jessica had some funny moments, but that story wasn't that great. Also, Eddie's storyline was very typical, and not funny. Overall, it was an alright episode.

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