Mom S3E14 Review

This week, Bonnie freaks out due to a mole. How funny will this be?

S3E14 "Death, Death, Death and a Bucket of Chicken"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie and Steve are in bed together after having sex. He tells her that there is a mole on her butt that has gotten bigger. She refuses to accept this, and there is a hilarious joke where she tells him not to play Dora the Explorer. Christy gets home, and she is hilarious as Steve leaves. Christy is concerned about the mole that Steve told her about. She takes a picture of it while Bonnie is in the shower, and then shows it to the others. They think that Bonnie should see a doctor. Bonnie shows up, and it is funny when Wendy tells the truth about what Christy says when the others don't. Bonnie tries to get rid of her mole based on something that she read online, and it is really funny. Christy convinces her that if the mole doesn't go away, she'll go to the doctor. They go to the doctor, and it is really funny. They are going to have to wait a week to discover if the mole is cancerous.

Christy wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that Bonnie isn't in bed. She is cleaning the fridge to distract herself from thinking about the test results. Christy comes home the next day and finds that the entire apartment is clean. Bonnie is in bed, saying that she is really tired, and says that it must be because of her condition, it is hilarious. She gives Christy life advice, and it is the most hilarious thing. Then, she asks for a bucket of chicken, which is also hilarious. Christy shares about Bonnie at the meeting. Then, Bonnie shows up, and says that she came because she isn't a self-centered person. Christy's reaction to this is hilarious. Marjorie gets mad at Bonnie for being so dramatic, because she had cancer, while Bonnie only has a chance of cancer. Steve brings flowers for Bonnie, and Christy takes them. Bonnie makes a list of things she wants to do. All of these things are things that she has done before, but not while sober. Steve asks her what she hasn't done drunk or sober, and she announces to Christy and that she and Steve are getting married.

Bonnie gets the results of her test, and discovers that the mole was cancerous, but since it was removed, she is fine. She takes this as her having beaten cancer, which is hilarious. She then tells Steve that they won't get married, because why would they if she was going to live. This is really funny.

This was a great episode. Allison Janney got to show off how hilarious she is even more than usual, and I really liked Marjorie's reaction to Bonnie in the meeting.

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