Teachers S1E8 Review

Have you ever been part of a project where you did all the work while everyone else did nothing? I've been on both sides of that coin and I can tell you that doing both isn't great

S1E8 "Sex Ed"

The episode begins with the principal's right hand/kissass who assigns the girls with different assignments for the week. Chelsea has to handle the gifted students, Mary-Louise has to teach sex ed while the rest have to organise the Field Day programme. Mary-Louise is surprised and uncomfortable because she is a virgin and doesn't know anything about sex and this leads to a very awkward session with her students. To make matters worse, Hot Dad returns as a volunteer for the sex ed class which makes Mary-Louise act weird around him. Eventually Hot dad has to take control after Marry-Louise tries to kiss him. Eventually, it is revealed to the class that she is a virgin but Mary-Louise stands up for herself and tells the class that she is just waiting for the right guy. Hot Dad is impressed and tells her she did a good job during Field Day. This leads to Mary-Louise running and jumping in excitement, but ultimately losing her hymen in the process.

In Storyline B, Deb and AJ are left to work on the Field Day event while Cecilia ans Caroline debate about whether or not everyone should be winners. Deb and AJ get so annoyed by them that they trap them in the storage room on Field Day, while Deb and AJ host all the events.

In Storyline C, Chelsea has to deal with a problematic and scary parent who wanted her idiot son to be a part of the gifted student programme

I'm glad that they are trying to change Mary-Louise by challenging her "Good Girl" stereotype. I'm betting she Hooks up with Hot Dad in the season finale. Deb and AJ had a good plot too while Cecilia and Caroline were kinda annoying. Forgive me for being philosophical, but I think they were both wrong. In contradiction to Caroline, I believe that winning isn't everything but at the same time, in contradiction to Cecilia, not everybody can be a winner. Chelsea's story was my least favourite as I felt that it was rather unsettling and strange. My favourite part of the episode was when Mary-Louise tried to explain how reproductive organs work.

Quote of the week: "Those jump ropes were the worst. It was like a Rubik's cube and a Sudoku banged each other and had a devil baby "

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