CW Renew/Cancel Watch: CW Ratings Collapse Brings New Predictions

Apparently RJK from SpottedRatings has posted the season to date averages from all the networks. As stated in the source, the CW this season is down 7% year to year. The scripted average through March 6 was a 0.65. The season to date average on SpottedRatings was a 0.77. To make matters worse, the CW scripted average last week without The Flash, iZombie, Arrow, and Supernatural (since they are all repeats) was a 0.47. That's not typical. That's catastrophic. 

Final Season Certain to be Canceled Likely to be Canceled Watching Likely to be Renewed Certain to be Renewed
Beauty and the Beast iZombie Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jane the Virgin Arrow

Reign DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The 100 Supernatural

The Flash

The Originals (F)

The Vampire Diaries (F)

Current Standings
As you can see, there is nothing in the 'Watching' column, after further deliberation. I decided to move Jane the Virgin back to the likely renewal column. The median CW rating last week was a 0.4 in the rounded numbers. I cannot see, in good conscience, how this show needs to be kept in the 'Watching' column after this news. No network cancels shows near or at the median ratings level, unless the show is extremely low rated. We've seen this with FOX this season when Scream Queens was renewed with fractional ratings. This week, it was the highest rated CBS Studios produced show. It looks like that the network will renew at least one show that has hit multiple 0.3s in one season, for the third broadcast season in a row. At this point, I don't think that CBS affirmative action has anything to do with why Jane will likely be back next season. When the scripted average has declined so far that there is no distinction, it's not bad news for the show in particular. It's bad news for the network. 

At the same time, The 100 is still likely to be renewed. We've already discussed its current year to year growth in the A18-49 demographic, thanks in part to a new lead in. In addition, it was slightly above last week's CW scripted average, and it was the second highest rated show this week. For folks hoping for its cancelation, this likely renewed prediction will cause some distress in the social media world. Ratings collapse strikes again! 

Question: How would Daylight Savings Time affect next week's ratings? 

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