Life in Pieces S1E19 Review

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Life in Pieces wasn't that good of a show at its start, but it has figured itself out as the season has gone on, and the last few episodes have been really entertaining. Will this week's continue the trend?

S1E19 "Pestilence War Famine Death"

In the first story, Jen and Greg hire an exterminator to see if they have rats. He is hilarious. He finds a playboy magazine, and gives it to Greg, who has it because a girl he dated is in the magazine. Jen enters the room, so they make up a story about how they were talking about dinner. The exterminator says he can't come to dinner, but later shows up with his wife, who couldn't go to work because she got a pole rash. They have dinner, where the magazine comes up. Jen doesn't believe Greg, and they argue about if the magazine is real, and if the rats are real, as a rat hilariously takes the magazine.

In the second story, John and Joan tell Jen about how they discovered that part of their yard is actually their neighbor's property, and John has a hilarious line about how he wants to sue the city for being communist. They then explain how they don't get along with their neighbors. They unintentionally say phrases with "foot" in them, and one of the neighbors doesn't have a foot. They and their neighbors have a war over the hot tub, and it is hilarious.

In the third story, Heather, Tim, Greg, Jen, Matt, and Colleen are going to a restaurant, but they are stuck in traffic. Matt and Colleen are trying to be friends, but it becomes very awkward. The others try to distract from the obvious tension, as well as trying to satisfy their hunger, and it is hilarious. They eventually all get out of the car when an argument breaks out, and then the cars finally start to move, and they shout for Tim, because he went to pee.

In the forth story, Tim examines John's nose, and tells him that he needs to get a surgery, or else he might lose his sense of smell. John's reaction to this is pretty funny. Tim performs the surgery, and John starts coding. John wakes up, and seems fine. Tim rushes to Jen for advice on what to do. Jen says he should tell John that he died for fifteen seconds. Tim tells John, and he reacts poorly. With all of the family together, John tells them all what happened, and that he believes he is invincible, which is hilarious. He is also proud of Tim. Through this story, Jen has a couple of funny lines too.

The first two stories were both great, the third was really good, and the forth was pretty good. Overall, it was a really good episode.

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