Fresh Off the Boat S2E17 Review

This week, Jessica gets into a feud with another mom, and Louis enters a chili competition.

S2E17 "Doing It Right"

The episode begins with a hilarious and clever scene where Louis buys a very hot pepper for a chili competition. Jessica picks up Evan from school, and it hilarious when she tries to improve things. Louis asks Eddie to be his apprentice in the competition. Jessica gets angry at a woman who doesn't follow the zipper rule at the school pick-up, and this is hilarious. However, it turns out that this woman is Evan's friend's mom.

The mom disinvites Evan from her son's birthday party. Eddie works with Louis, and he wants his chili do be better than "not bad". Jessica tells Louis about the problem with the other mom, and he tells her that she should apologize. She apologizes, in a very Jessica-like way, which is hilarious, but Evan is still not invited. Jessica brings Evan to the party anyway, and it turns out that the reason that Evan was disinvited was because he is bossy.

Jessica has no idea where Evan's bossy behavior comes from, but Honey helps her realize that she is the cause of it, which is hilarious. Eddie tells Louis that he is making his own chili. Jessica talks to Evan, and she realizes that no one listens to him around the house. Eddie ends up being one of the finalists in the competition, and Louis is impressed with his chili. At home, Evan gets to decide what the family drinks with dinner, and he ends up deciding on water when they don't have his other options, which is really funny.

This was a great episode, with some really great Jessica moments.

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