FOX Orders Empire: LA Straight to Series

The Ratings Junkie Thursday, March 31, 2016
CBS has NCIS, NBC has Chicago, and now it looks like FOX has Empire as a franchise. In a sudden move, FOX has announced that they have ordered straight-to-series an Empire spin-off, titled Empire: LA. As the title implies, the show will be similar to the mothership in style, but will follow a different family, The Tigers, in Los Angeles.

Brownie Tiger is said to be the matriarch and Precious Tiger the patriarch in a family that is trying to stay at the top of the music industry on the West Coast. Precious, who is dying of AIDS, must pick which of his children will take over the company, which divides the family. Brownie is pushing for R&B daughter Andrea, while Precious likes his rap prodigy son, who goes by the name "Desparate Deer".

In an interview with TVLime, Dana Walden stated "We are very excited to bring to you a new chapter of Empire, and we think it will really captivate viewers across the country and around the world". She continued, "We think Empire and Empire: LA will be around for years to come". She also hinted at other possible Empire spin-offs being in the works.

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