Crazy Ex-Girlfriend E14 Review

Written by Polyester Poontang

Is Rebecca the villain?
We've so far seen Rebecca being able to spend obscene amounts of money in her quest to get Josh, but we've yet to question if Rebecca is fabulously wealthy or if it's just "tv money" (ie spending for storyline purposes) - well wonder no more! Rebecca Bunch is now in debt.
Meanwhile, there's the main storyline of Rebecca and Josh getting together and the intense kiss they shared in the last episode. Rebecca, of course, is in her own little world of delusion with the kiss, a world that Paula not-so-healthily shares. Paula assures her that she's the Kate Hudson in romantic comedy, but is she?
Let us talk about Darryll - the newly "both-sexual" man and his new squeeze "White Josh". He not only comes out to the world (and the office) as a bisexual, he does what Olivia Newton-John once sang and t akes White Josh to a fancy restaurant! This leads to them "breaking up" (though there wasn't a relationship in the first place) and then getting back together. At a food truck. Awkwardness ensues.
Now back to Rebecca - Josh tells Valencia, his current girlfriend, about the kiss they shared. He thinks Valencia is going to throw him out only - she doesn't. Rebecca, being as crazy as she is, stands outside the window and hears everything. Valencia is even forgiving and understands Josh kissing Rebecca! Mysteriously Valencia, a health-freak, wants take-out food (and is picky about it!) and her normally childish ways seems to have disappeared. If reality, one might go hmmm...
In another part of town, Greg, who broke up with Rebecca's oh-so-cool neighbour Heather and then g ot her a job at the bar he works at, thinks she's okay with his crush on Rebecca. The question is how true that is? Not very, it turns out as she threatens him with darts in the eye and confesses that her heart is actually broken. Rather than heal, Rebecca seems to pave a path of destruction.
Now earlier Josh planned to go to Hawaii to get away from the potential Valencia drama, suddenly he wants to stay in West Covina (two hours away from the beach) to stay with his girlfriend. Rebecca, who planned to follow him (before she found out she's a broke bitch), is crushed. What'll be?
As in the series pilot Rebecca does what Rebecca does best - she escapes from reality and boards a plane. Twist? She gets a seat beside her therapist.

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