Teachers S1E9 Review

Have you ever met your doppelganger? I've actually met mine. He's pretty cool. We hang out sometimes

S1E9 "Hot Lunch"

This episode begins with Deb trying to get parents to volunteer at the school unsuccessfully. The others tell her to try to be nice instead of being abrasive but that doesn't work. But suddenly many parents show up to help out Deb despite her rude attitude. The parents at weird around her, asking her to speak to them in a mean way and constantly hoping for more duties. Deb is pleased with their help but soon discovers that they aren't helping her out of good faith. Turns out, a Harry Potter porn parody had spread throughout the school featuring a red headed dominatrix who looked and acted like Deb. At first Deb decided to keep up the charade, but ultimately tells them that it's not her after things get too weird. She then tells them that she is disappointed that they are here because of her instead of their own children and asks them to come back next week. Not surprisingly, they all leave without saying a word.

In Storyline B, Chelsea gets a new student who is a foreigner. Her attempts at connecting with her student fail and she gives up. But while reading a gossip magazine in class, the little girl points out a celebrity ( Whose name I refuse to mention due to my disdain towards her) on the cover and that makes Chelsea excited. She then uses famous celebrities in examples to teach her English.

In Storyline C, Mary-Louise signs up to perform a stand-up show at her Church and practices her routine in front of the others. Her jokes are so bad that the others tell her to stop, but Mary-Louise interprets their request as a form of jealousy. Surprisingly enough, she becomes a hit at her Church.

I'm glad we finally got an episode about Deb. This episode was pretty raunchy but I didn't mind.
Mary-Louise had some pretty crappy jokes so I wasn't interested in her this week. I was sad to see very little of AJ but at least we got more Deb in this episode.

Quote of the week: " Victoria Beckham can't feel happiness"

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