The 100 S3E8 Review

This episode is the end of the first half of this season. A lot has happened so far, and probably a lot more is still to come.

S3E8 "Terms and Conditions"

At the start of the episode, Pike and Bellamy are discovering that the grounders are forming a blockade. Two grounders bring a message to them, and Bellamy shoots them. He is really becoming more like the old Bellamy now. Pike discusses surveillance with Bellamy, Monty, and his mom. He wants to spy on their people. Kane and his people listen, and say that they need to change their game. Kane doesn't want to commit murder or treason, and insists that they don't yet. Raven has concluded that Polaris must have crashed into the ocean, but her 75-80% chance isn't good enough for Jaha. Kane talks to Pike, and Kane tells Pike that he has become a dictator, and that this would end with Arkadia in ruins. Their conversation is intense.

Raven recruits Jasper to break into Pike's office, and it is pretty funny when he says "sounds like a terrible idea, I'm in". Kane and his team listen in on Pike's plans, which are stupid. Monty spies on the camp, and concludes that Kane is working with Sinclair. Sinclair gets arrested for treason, and it is getting intense. We are now about a third of the way through the episode, and no Clarke. Sinclair doesn't talk. Monty's mom mentions that on the Ark they would have floated Sinclair, but Pike says they aren't on the Ark anymore. Monty is upset that he had to lock up Sinclair, who used to be his mentor. Sinclair gets locked up, and he delivers a message from Kane to Lincoln, genius!

Bellamy talks to Kane, and they debate whether the threat is outside the walls or inside the walls. Kane lays out what he thinks will happen to Bellamy, half of the camp will end up behind bars, and Pike will keep fighting. Bellamy has the gay guy who works with them plant a bug in his boyfriend's jacket, which he does, but doesn't feel great about. Jasper and Raven search, and he brings up Finn's death, which she has chosen not to remember anymore due to the City of Light. Raven has forgotten even the good things about her relationship with Finn, however, which makes her freak out. Jasper and ALIE each talk to her, and Raven runs off with Jasper. Is Clarke going to be completely absent from this episode? I think that would be a mistake.

Kane discusses the terms and conditions of his surrender with Pike, as Sinclair tells Bellamy that he is going to tell him everything. Lincoln stages a fight with Sinclair as a cover to rise up. Kane also attacks Pike with one of those electric stick things. Kane puts Pike in the back of a truck to take to the grounders. Monty discovers that the riot is a distraction, and tells Bellamy. Bellamy stands in the way of Kane leaving and it is intense. Kane gives up, which really sucks.

Jaha talks with ALIE about how to deal with Raven. Kane asks Pike to see the world as it is, not as it was. The scene is really intense. Pike believes that turning himself over to the grounders would not save them. Pike sentences Kane to death. Will Kane actually die? He is, in my opinion, one of the more likely main cast members to die. Bellamy is unsure about sentencing Kane to death, but Pike tells him how important it is that they make an example out of Kane. Everyone looks very sadly at Kane as he is put in prison, and their expressions are really devastating. Monty's mom asks Bellamy and Monty if they know who was working with Kane, and Bellamy says they don't, even though he does. He ends the episode still believing that he does the best for his people every day, but that this is something slightly different now than it was at the beginning of the hour.

The ending moments were great, with the despair of the prisoners and Bellamy's protection of the others. I really wish Clarke wasn't absent from the episode, but it was still a really good episode.

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