TV Talk: What Should NBC Do with 'Little Big Shots?'

NBC has found a brand-new hit in its new reality show, Little Big Shots. Its ratings have remained in the mid-high 2s for every episode so far, which can almost been seen as a megahit for today's TV standards. However, because this show is such a big hit for NBC, a question has arisen that almost no one can agree on: what should NBC do with Little Big Shots next season? I will present a few different options down below, and at the end of the article there will be a poll for you to vote on which option you agree with the most. Let's take a look:

Option 1: Move to Fall (Thursdays at 8/7c)

This option presents the idea that NBC will want to air Little Big Shots in the fall instead of waiting until midseason. Since NBC airs Sunday Night Football in LBS's original timeslot during the fall, most people seem to think Thursdays would be the best place to air it instead. With this thought, another popular idea is airing Superstore and a new comedy after that, immediately following Little Big Shots. LBS would essentially be the platform to relaunch Thursday-night comedies on NBC. If comedies don't end up airing after, then the slowly-fading The Blacklist will most likely be in this slot. LBS could bring some much-needed life back into that hit of the past. No matter what follows it, Little Big Shots would definitely help at bringing NBC Thursdays back to life.

Option 2: Move to Fall (Wednesdays at 8/7c)

This option is for the people who think NBC should air Little Big Shots in the fall, but don't quite agree with airing it on Thursday nights. NBC has been struggling with the Wednesday at 8/7c timeslot for quite some time now, so Little Big Shots could potentially be the perfect solution for this problem.

Option 3: Use As a Bridge Between "The Voice" Cycles (Mondays at 8/7c or 9/8c)

Instead of immediately airing Little Big Shots in the fall, I have seen a lot of people bringing up the idea of possibly using this show as a bridge between the two cycles of The Voice. This option is for the people who think NBC should air it on Monday nights during this gap. Assuming NBC places a brand-new drama at 10/9c this fall, LBS could be the perfect lead-in to this show if aired at 9/8c instead of waiting to air the brand-new drama once The Voice returns again. NBC could also air LBS at 8/7c during this time, or even double-pump episodes from 8-10. If you vote for this option, just specify which sub-option (8/7c, 9/8c, or both) you prefer in the comments below.

Option 4: Use As a Bridge Between "The Voice" Cycles (Tuesdays at 8/7c)

Like the previous option, this one takes the idea of airing Little Big Shots as a bridge between the two cycles of The Voice--but on a different day. When The Voice goes off-air, Tuesdays at 8/7c also becomes a vacant slot. NBC seems to have also struggled with airing shows here, which often seems to hurt whatever the network is airing at 9/8c. Little Big Shots would be a great fix to this slot and would definitely help out whatever is airing immediately after at 9/8c (most likely Chicago Med or a new show).

Option 5: No Change (Sundays at 8/7c)

Finally, this is the option for the people who don't want the show to move AT ALL and air Little Big Shots exactly the same way as this current season. NBC finally found a fix to their post-SNF Sunday nights, so why start all over next season? This is the most consistent option and goes along with the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Now tell me, what do YOU think?

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