Fresh Off the Boat S2E18 Review

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Lice is spreading around this week.

S2E18 "Week in Review"

At the start of the episode, Jessica and Louis are doing their week in review, where they plan out their upcoming week. Eddie and his friends are preparing for a students versus teachers basketball game, and he makes a bet with his math teacher. Louis and Jessica have a few minutes to themselves, and there is a hilarious joke about the wristband Louis is wearing, but this gets interrupted when Eddie is sent home for having lice.

Emory, and Evan after he gets home and reveals he has lice, are sent outside. This reaction is hilarious, because it is over the top. Eddie discovers that the bet is still on, even though he has lice, and the entire class will get double homework. Jessica gets lice, even though she doesn't think she actually has it at first, which is sort of funny.

Louis wants to stay at Honey and Marvin's after Jessica gets lice, and he gets in an argument with her, because they are supposed to be a team. Eddie shows up near the end of the game, and there is a funny joke about how he likes to make an entrance. He scores a basket. Louis helps out Jessica after a conversation with Honey.

There were some funny moments, but this was one of the weakest episodes of the season. It was an alright episode.

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