Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E18 Review

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In the real world today, Donald Trump is winning a majority of the Republican primaries, which makes it refreshing to tune into something a lot less scary, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although, things do become scary for Jake and Amy when they take care of Holt's dog.

S3E18 "Cheddar"

At the start of the episode, Jake is excited, because he thinks that he is going to be rich and that he inherited a lot of money, but it turns out that he inherited Blockbuster stock, which is hilarious. It was a good Blockbuster joke. Jake offers to watch Holt's dog while he visits Kevin. Amy will be helping him, and they will also be taking care of Charles after he has laser eye surgery. There are a series of funny jokes here, from how Amy will be doing all the work, to her happiness when she discovers that there's a binder. Rosa and the new detective from last week have strange feelings for each other, and it is really obvious, which is really funny. Many unfortunate events occur at Holt's house, including Charles' pants catching on fire. Holt calls because the fire alarm went off and he got an alert. He decides to immediately head home from the airport, and Amy tells Jake that the dog ran away.

Jake calls the squad, and gives them jobs. Gina stalls in driving Holt home, and it is hilarious. Terry is teamed up with Rosa and the new detective, and it is really awkward for him. After Rosa asks the detective when they will "do this thing", he freaks out. Jake and Amy split up in the search, and Charles wants to do his part, but, being unable to see, he can't. Jake and Amy then discover that they lost Charles, and it is hilarious when Jake treats him like a dog.

Jake and Amy talk about finding Charles, and their conversation is hilarious. Charles calls Jake. He has found the dog, so they head over to him. The detective talks to Terry, and their conversation is pretty funny, because he says that Rosa is in touch with her emotions, and he doesn't wait for Terry's main point. Jake and Amy discover that Charles actually found a possum. The squad comes up with another plan, they will wear Holt's clothes. This is hilarious, especially when Jake scolds himself. Holt then shows up, and realizes that they lost cheddar based on the fact that the whole squad is there, and they are wearing his clothes.

Holt tells Jake and Amy to go home, and then Jake comes up with a plan of how to find the dog. The detective asks Rosa to marry him, which is really funny, and she says no, but they can go out and have a drink. They then make out, and it is funny. They find Holt, and tell him, and it is pretty funny when Jake has issues with the car, due to the wires that Gina pulled out. They find a spot that Kevin often took the dog on walks, as they have realized that he misses Kevin. Holt gets real with them there, about how he canceled his trip because he was afraid they would fight. It was a great ending.

This was a great episode. I loved the ways that it brought the cast members together, how it was a detective-like episode, but not about police business, and how it got real about Holt and Kevin's relationship. This was definitely the best episode of the season.

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