iZombie S2E15 Review

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We're in the final stretch of iZombie's second season now. This week is episode fifteen out of nineteen.

S2E15 "He Blinded Me...With Silence"

At the start of the episode, Liv eats the brain of a woman whose face was burned. After she leaves, Blaine shows up in need of brains. Liv and Clive talk to the woman who sued the deceased woman's company that resulted in her firing. A very energetic Vaughn meets with Major. Rita shows up, and her black eye is revealed. Clive and Bozzio, the FBI agent, discover that the brains they thought were cow brains from before were actually human brains.

Drake shows up late for his date with Liv, and she, with her new brains, thinks about this statistically. Ravi is studying one of the rats, and Liv provides an explanation for him, due to her new brain. Liv discovers, through a vision, that their victim worked at Max Rager, as she sees Vaughn in her vision. Liv and Clive discover that the victim was using a fake name. A new position opens up at Max Rager, as a result of her death, so Liv decides to apply for the job, in disguise. Major goes to Blaine to find out what zombie to kill, and he tells him to kill Drake.

Liv goes to Max Rager, but in the elevator she takes a bad risk where she tries to get clearance to the secret basement, wish means that an alarm goes off. She talks to Vaughn, but doesn't get anything out of it. Clive goes to the woman's house who they went to earlier, and a kid said that he saw her last week, and she did have problems with her face. He discovers that they are actually sisters, and that the normal one committed the murder. It is a really emotional confession. Ravi gives Blaine a cure he has developed where the long-term effects haven't been tested. Liv, spying, discovers that Drake works for Mr. Boss.

Liv tells Ravi what she discovered. They decide that she should confront Drake about it in a public place with many exits. Blaine gives his workers advice for if he dies, and it is a great scene. In the basement of Max Rager, the test zombie breaks free and attacks the scientist. Vaughn then leaves Rita to the zombie. She comes back up, as a zombie. This is a really interesting twist for her character. It was also really interesting to see how terrified Vaughn was by his daughter having turned into a zombie. Blaine eventually takes the new cure, and Major kills Drake right before he got to where Liv is waiting for him. If she had left moments earlier, he would have lived.

Most of the episode was entertaining, but average. At the end, it got great. Overall, it was a good episode.

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