ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: Which Shows Will Be Lucky?

Why Am I Still "Watching" The Real O'Neals?
I figured I'd make our Irish family the first paragraph on our St Patrick's edition of ABC Renew/Cancel Watch. O'Neals just hit a 1.0 A18-49 demo rating for its most recent episode, which is below ABC's average and certainly nothing to brag about. I would have it as a likely cancellation normally, but after seeing that non-owned, already-renewed Fresh Off The Boat is barely doing better than it, I suppose it still has a chance. Right now, it's bubble, leaning cancellation, but it will hold on to the middle category for at least a few more days. Fans should hope it doesn't go fractional.

Why Is Nashville a Likely Cancellation?
For the sake of the fans I was holding out hope that Nashville would rise for its return. Well, it did, but only to a 0.9 A18-49 rating. While music sales could save it in theory, if they were to pick one of Nashville or Castle to renew it's increasingly looking like Castle will be saved. Regardless I still think both will be cancelled, but I'll wait to see how The Catch performs to further discussion.

Why Is Dr Ken Back to Being a Likely Renewal?
For the first time in its career, Dr Ken was fractional. That certainly isn't a good sign for a show that was left out of the early renewals. Its fate may be correlated to that of Last Man Standing's, which will come down to contracts. I think as a whole the ratings warrant a renewal, but it's not as certain as it once was. 

What's Next?
Next time, expect a prediction for The Catch. I'm also looking at getting The Real O'Neals and American Crime out of the Watch column sooner or later. Stay tuned to see where I move them.

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