Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E20 Review


The interesting love story of Rosa and Adrian continues this week, and it gets even more intense.

S3E20 "Paranoia"

At the start of the episode, Terry is in charge while Holt is gone, and Rosa and Adrian reveal that they got engaged, which is pretty funny. Rosa asks Jake to get Terry to approve of the wedding, and Adrian asks him to be his best man, and his pretending to be surprised is funny. It is hilarious when Rosa asks Charles to be her maid of honor, along with Amy and Gina. The three maids of honor won't compromise, so they decide to have three parties. Terry tries to keep his mind open, until Adrian says that someone is trying to kill him.

Jake tries to get things straightened out with Terry and Adrian, and there is a hilarious moment when Hitchcock and Scully want to talk to Jake outside because the others did. Gina's party is first for Rosa, and it involves playing paintball with 13 year olds, which is really funny and fun for them. The second party is Amy's, and everyone gets really drunk as they hilariously try to guess trivia questions about Rosa. Jake discovers that Adrian isn't so crazy, as the waiter has a gun and a picture of Adrian.

The bachelor party questions the waiter, and it is hilarious. They make Adrian look dead, and there are some hilarious moments, such as how Charles quickly texts back a top ten list of place to buy tounge. Meanwhile, Charles's party involves demolishing a building, so it wins, which is hilarious. The bachelor party follows the person the waiter was working for, and it turns out he is an FBI agent.

Adrian decides that he has to run away, but Jake encourages him to see Rosa one last time. The next day, Jake talks to Rosa, and they find Adrian while walking. Adrian says goodbye to Rosa, which is a really emotional moment. When Holt finally returns, he puts together a group to find out who this FBI agent is.

There were a lot of funny moments in this episode, and the last act was great in a serious way. This was a great episode.

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