Jane the Virgin S2E16 Review

The Curse continues this week, as Pablo is still in Miami.

S2E16 "Chapter Thirty-Eight"

The episode starts from when Alba and the original Mateo moved into her current house. The narrator relates her story to the Bible, which is hilarious, and refers to the incident that occurred last week as "the flood". They are now staying at the Marbella, and Jane discovers that the house is in poor shape, and Jane will not be able to get married there in six weeks. She tells Rogelio that he can only invite 15 people, and his reaction is hilarious. Jane, while hilariously trying to get Mateo to fall asleep, runs into Petra, who is extremely tired, I wonder why. Jane and Michael are unable to find a house they like in their price range, except one that is thirty-nine minutes away. Also, there is some hilarious snarky wallpaper.

Jane talks to Rafael about the house, but he doesn't like Mateo being that far away. Rafael offers to pay the difference for a nice place in Miami, but Jane doesn't want to do that. She brings it up with Michael anyway, and he says absolutely not. They also talk about how many people Rogelio wants to invite to the wedding, which is pretty funny, and Xo is hilariously loving room service at the Marbella. Alba tells Pablo that she wants to wait for marriage to have sex, and so he proposes.

Jane takes Petra to the new moms group, and it is hilarious. However, things get more serious at the group, when they become concerned that Petra is suffering from post-partum depression. This is a great storyline to put Petra on, because she is the kind of person who doesn't like others to know her emotions or to help her. Rogelio tries to introduce Jane to a bunch of his friends, and it is hilarious. She then says that she and Michael will pay for the wedding.

Because Rafael has said that Jane can move to the far away house, she and Michael prepare buy it, but she decides not to when Mateo takes his first steps. Back at the Marbella, Jane and Xo talk about the wedding. Xo suggests that Jane have a small wedding ceremony, but big party after. They accidentally end up on the wrong floor, and they see Pablo with another woman.

Jane and Xo talk to Alba, and encourage her to start dating. The wrath of Alba comes down on Pablo and it is hilarious. Petra goes to talk to her mother to find out if she suffered from post-partum depression. Her mother tells her that the best thing she can do is give her babies away. Jane talks to Rogelio, and he goes to Xo to talk about wedding ideas. Michael and Rafael are working together to investigate Rafael's brother. Jane gets an offer for a supposedly great house, but they discover that it is highly competitive, so they need to write a letter about why they would be the perfect tenants.

Jane and Michael disagree about what the tenants are most interested in, but eventually come up with something. Rogelio has a TV set built that is a replica of the Villanuevas' house. The tenants loved the letter. However, it turns out that the house is actually owned by Petra. She has a heart! This character development for Petra is really great. However, not everything is going great for Petra, who is packing up.

This is probably the best episode of Jane the Virgin ever. It had some really hilarious moments, and some tragic moments with Petra. Petra's character development is fantastic. This is a great episode.

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