Modern Family S7E16 Review

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This week, Jay starts a web show, Lily learns how to ride a bike, and Phil and Claire start to lie to each other.

S7E16 "The Cover-Up"

At the start of the episode, Phil meets a woman looking for a real estate agent, but he lies to Claire about it. Jay starts a web show, which Manny got him started with so that the Internet has to deal with his opinions and what he thinks is funny. The scene is really hilarious. Luke tries to get Alex to write his essay about Watergate for him, and his attempt is really funny. It is also funny when Luke talking about Nixon's lies makes Phil think about his lies to Claire. Claire and Gloria go to a yoga class, and the teacher starts hitting on Claire.

Jay gets annoyed by a troll on the Internet, and there is a hilarious joke about a bad review that Manny got in a school production. Jay calls Alex to find someone to track down the troll. Cam and Mitch take Lily to learn how to ride a bike, but she is scared. Cam breaks his arm riding his bike, so he pretends that he hasn't so she won't be scared. Phil sees Claire outside of her yoga class as he is waiting to meet the client. Claire lies about the instructor, and it is really funny when Phil says "black" instead of "back". Cam comes up with a plan to pretend to slip in the bath. He ends up actually slipping, and now Lily is scared of taking a bath. Mitch has a hilarious line about how Cam should have fallen off of a stripper pole.

Jay discovers that the troll is his closet rival, and they have a short fight. They discover that they have really similar opinions. The rival decides to start his own show, and Jay discovers that you can turn off the comment section, which is pretty funny. Phil's client ends up thinking that Phil is a racist, and Claire discovers that Phil lied. In the car, Gloria calls Claire, and Phil finds out about the yoga instructor. Lily eventually starts to ride her bike, and there is a funny joke about how Cam can't remember his grade school teachers' names.

Phil's storyline seemed just like his storyline in the episode "The Bicycle Thief" from back in season 1, but Cam and Mitch's storyline had some funny moments, and Jay's was hilarious. Overall, it was a good episode.

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