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Even though I am on vacation in nice and warm Arizona, Liv Moore is still back in Seattle working hard. And this week, her work might include something a lot different than just police work.

S2E16 "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie"

At the start of the episode, Rita comes into Liv's apartment, looking for brains in her freezer. Unfortunately for her, however, she is kidnapped. Peyton moves back in, and the scene gets pretty funny when they talk about them being the friends from Friends. Peyton gets a call from a woman who was dating someone who works for Mr. Boss and has information, but she gets killed. They figure out who the killer is quickly, but Peyton insists that Liv eats the woman's brain to find out the information she knew.

Peyton and Liv go to a strip club in hopes of triggering a vision, and this is hilarious. What's especially hilarious is Liv's attitude on this brain. Major's secrets are sadly starting to get in the way of his bromance with Ravi when he sees Major hiding things in a safe. Liv has a vision, and then talks to a friend of the dead stripper's, who leads them to a regular customer, the weatherman from season one. Ravi is getting closer to discovering the truth about Major, and the way he is acting is really helping Ravi. Clive and Liv investigate at the strip club, and become suspicious of one woman. Liv discovers that there was a witness to the murder through a vision, but he is no help.

Clive arrests the ex, and then he and Liv interview the woman he was sleeping with. However, she won't stop crying and gives them no information, which is pretty funny. Blaine is having major memory issues, which is a really interesting twist. Clive and Liv get information from the weatherman and discover who the murderers are. Also, Liv helps Peyton figure out which house she saw in her vision. Ravi gets into Major's safe, and it is a really intense scene. He goes through all of the things in there, and is shocked.

Clive and Liv are having difficulties discovering who had the car, it is harder than it seems like it should be. They eventually discover that the crying girl drove the car, and the one who testified against her was the actual killer. Liv goes to Drake's mom, who is sure that Drake is dead because he always calls multiple times a day. Liv then discovers that Drake was an undercover cop, and she is shocked. The final scene of the episode is really intense. Major comes home, Ravi confronts him, it appears that Major is turning back into a zombie, and Ravi injects him. Only three episodes left this season!

This was a great episode. The case of the week was fairly interesting, Liv's new personality was great, and the Ravi scenes were really intense.

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