How to Get Away with Murder S2E13 Review

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After this week, only two more episodes of How to Get Away with Murder this season. The season is almost over, what shocking event is it leading up to?

S2E13 "Something Bad Happened"

At the start of the episode, Wes talks to the therapist from before while Annalise talks to Laurel. Wes doesn't know who to talk to. Laurel is very suspicious of Annalise, thinking that she knows more than she is saying. It is really intense. The episode then flash backs to Wes and Rose, and Rose is taken in by the police due to immigration issues. Eve then talks to Rose. Back in the present, Frank and Laurel get the chance to talk again. Annalise teaches her class, something we haven't seen her do in a long time. She talks about lying to clients. Annalise asks for blanket immunity in exchange for turning in information about Phillip, proving he is still in town.

In the past, Eve goes to Annalise's hotel room. Annalise orders room service, and they talk. It turns out that it has been three years since they last saw each other. Annalise then reveals to Eve that she is pregnant. In the present, Wes gives up on the therapist, and rejects a call from Laurel. Nate informs Annalise that there is going to be a search warrant on the house, so Annalise calls Bonnie in front of the DA, telling her to shred all evidence, and then her plan goes into action. Connor makes them think they have a signed search warrant when they don't, so they search, and all evidence becomes inadmissible.

With Eve and Annalise in the past again, Annalise tells Eve that she didn't tell her about being pregnant because she was worried about having to take it back. Eve tells Annalise her motto should be "the less you know, the better", when she wonders about the case. In the present, Laurel tries to get Wes to come to Annalise's, but he refuses. Oliver is with the others, and he accidentally reveals Connor's plan to transfer to Stanford. Michaela tells Connor not to leave, because she can't survive there without him. There's also a sort of funny moment where she says that his ranking can't be better than hers.

Back in the hotel room, Eve thinks that Annalise left her because she was too scared, but Annalise insists that it was because she's not gay, which I doubt is the truth. I think Eve is right here. Eve tries to get Rose to take a deal, which Rose agrees to, but Rose wants to go home that night. Eve gives in, and lets her. In the present, Wes decides to talk to Annalise, but she is actually at Nate's. Wes goes into Annalise's office, and he finds the document saying that he might have killed his mother.

The DA tells Annalise that any other videos Phillip has isn't covered by immunity, but Annalise jokes that he should be a writer, because he's good at making up stories. Wes goes to the therapist, and tells her about his memory of holding the knife, standing over his mother's body, but the therapist says this may have been a false memory. The episode flashes back again, where Annalise isn't sure if she's ready to be a mother. The episode goes back and forth between Wes in the present with the therapist, and Wes in the past with his mother. In the flashback, Wes and Rose are leaving, but Wes gets out of the car and runs off. Then, we see him coming home, and discovering a knife in his mother's throat, and Annalise in the hallway.

Bonnie listens as Laurel breaks up with Frank. The events of the past are put together. Annalise talks to Rose, who is worried because Wes isn't home yet. Rose tells Annalise that she doesn't want to be owned. She tells Annalise to take care of Wes, then kills herself. It is a really tragic death. Annalise listens from the hall as Wes discovers Rose's dead body. He pulls the knife out of her neck, and then calls 911. In the present, Annalise goes to Wes's, where she hears noises. She goes in, and then gets a call from Eve saying that Wes found her. Wes was not in his apartment, Phillip was! It was a shocking and intense ending.

This was a great episode. The stories are really interesting.

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