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The Hecks go on vacation with the Donahues this week.

S7E18 "A Very Donahue Vacation"

At the start of the episode, Mike tells the family that they can go on a trip. They are excited because they think that they are going to Hawaii, but then he says that they are going to see some forts and caves in Kentucky. Frankie suggests that they go with the Donahues, so the two families go in two cars. The guys don't talk in their car, but in the girls' car, Frankie and Nancy talk, and Nancy suggest that they talk to each others' kids. Apparently, there is something wrong with Brick that Frankie hasn't noticed, which is hilarious. What's also hilarious is how she keeps eating this snack that Nancy made.

No one else is interested in the things that Mike wants to do, but she is fine with that. Axl recruits Brick to help him pick up women, which is hilarious. Brick acting like a jerk is the funniest thing. Nancy talks to Brick about "that", so Frankie has to talk to Sean. She does so, and she realizes that Sean likes her parenting style. She is really proud of being considered chill by Sean, and she brags about how she is better than Nancy to Mike, but one of Nancy's kids overhears.

Sue gets a summer job that she is really excited about in Tennessee. She tells Mike about this, who tells her she can't go, but Sue says she wasn't asking. Frankie gets blackmailed by Nancy's daughter, and it is hilarious. She makes Frankie play Marco Polo with her, and switch hotel rooms. Mike tells Frankie about Sue's job, and there are some really funny lines in this scene.

Nancy is angry about what Frankie said, but after some hilarious excuses and explanations from Frankie, she seems to forgive her. However, Nancy does push Frankie into the pool. Mike realizes that he can't stop Sue from going to Tennessee, because she is a full grown woman.

Overall, this was a good episode. Sue was strangely mostly absent for the whole first half of the episode, but it was still very entertaining.

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