Teachers Season 1 Finale Review

I know I said that I'm going on hiatus but I couldn't leave without writing about Teachers. I need to finish what I started with this show and that's what I'm gonna do.

S1E10 "Last Day"

It's the end of the school year and all the teachers are having emotional goodbyes with their students...... except for Cecilia.
Her students leave her without saying goodbye after she gives them all boring book reports and this makes her wonder if she's a bad teacher. Meanwhile, the other teachers are exchanging gifts they received and Deb gets a big bottle of alcohol. She then shares it with the others and it was fine even when Caroline drank too much because Deb told her to relax. But it all went to hell when Mary-Louise drank a little and went mad because she's hypoglycemic.

While Cecilia went chasing after her, she overheard the principal planning to fire one of the teachers. She then tells the others and they all start to panic. Deb and Caroline go try to catch Mary Louise, Cecilia and Chelsea cry together about being bad teachers and their fear of being fired, while AJ tries to hide all her drugs. But before AJ could hide them, a parent shows up to talk about his kid's grades. In a moment of haste, she eats all the drugs at once and has a chat with him. To make matters worse, after he leaves, she has to deal with all the other parents of her students.

 Eventually Deb and Caroline realise Mary-Louise, who is now running around naked, is too much to handle and round up the others. They corner her at the playground and she tries to escape in the slide but then the principal shows up and asks them what they were doing. Luckily Mary-Louise got stuck inside the slide so she wasn't caught.
Then suddenly, they all hear a sound coming from a shed nearby and find the principal's right hand smoking AJ's flute bong . The principal then apprehends him and tell him he's going to be fired, thus saving all the girls. In the end, they all stand around a bonfire together with happy talk and a puking Mary-Louise.

This wasn't one of the best episodes of the show, but it was still pretty good. I'm kinda glad they didn't have a cliffhanger finale. Those can be pretty annoying. Once again, AJ was my favourite in this episode. Her drug fueled interactions with the parents was rather humourous and gave me the quote of the week. She's officially my favourite teacher. And with this, I conclude Teachers season 1. May season 2 be twice as better with twice the episodes.

Quote of the week: "I'm gonna give that son of a mother a piece of my mind"

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