How FOX should handle their X-men TVverse

Back in January, FX announced at their TCA panel that their pilot Legion would take place in an alternate version of the X-men universe where mutants are still not common knowledge to the general public. This got me to think about and analyse how DC, Marvel and FOX all handle their cinematic universes.

Marvel has been rather consistent, having all their TV shows and movies take place in one single universe even though the TV shows being on different platforms. Despite the creation of such a grand concept, I feel like Marvel has not achieved the universe's true potential. There's not much continuity between the TV shows and the movies except for a few passing comments, the Inhumans and the impact on Winter Soldier in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It feels like the movies affect the shows but not the other way round. While this may be a suitable arrangement for a casual Marvel fan, it is a big letdown for those who want the full experience of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

 Let's look at DC. Until recently, DC kept making superhero movies which didn't connect with any other movie unless they were direct sequels. But thanks to Marvel establishing a successful singular universe featuring it's heroes, DC followed suit and decided to create their own universe, starting with Man of Steel. But DC isn't unified with their TV shows. The CWverse (featuring Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow) is not connected to the new movie universe nor is it connected tito the other DC shows on other networks like Gotham and Supergirl. Despite Supergirl being created by Greg Berlanti, who created the CWverse and having a crossover with The Flash, it has been confirmed to be a separate universe

What I think FOX should do is be different from the other two companies. My suggestion is that FOX keep their movie and TV universes separate. But their TV universe should be connected, with Legion taking place a few years after Hellfire,  despite the two shows being on different networks
.Of course, none of this is going to matter if either one of those shows get picked up but I sure hope they do. Till then, all we can do is wait for news about these potential shows

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