How to Get Away with Murder S2E14 Review

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In this penultimate episode of the season, the Keating 5 are called into questioning.

S2E14 "There's My Baby"

At the start of the episode, Eve calls the police due to Annalise getting attacked in Wes's apartment. She ends up being fine. The flashback that follows includes what we saw in the winter finale flashback. In the present, Eve invites Annalise to stay with her in New York to be protected, but Annalise says that Nate will protect her. Nate arrives, and Michaela gets mad at Annalise because Caleb went missing.

In a flashback, Annalise comes back to her hotel room exhausted. Her client arrives, and they argue. Annalise asks her client why Rose was afraid of him. Back in the present, the DA talks to Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes, and offers immunity for one of them beyond the night that Sinclair died, it is really interesting. Bonnie talks to Frank about what she overheard him and Laurel talking about, but he doesn't reveal anything more.

Back in the past, Frank and Annalise have a small argument when he wants her to treat him better. In the present, Wes is angry at Laurel for hiding information from him. Asher apologizes to everyone, but Bonnie says not to, they are all bad people. The episode gives us another flashback, where Annalise plans to provide information about Rose, but ends up getting hit by a car.

Continuing the flashback, Bonnie is worried about talking to a guy in her law class, so she is practicing with Sam. He answers a call, and discovers what happened to Annalise. Annalise wakes up, and is worried that her baby may be dead. Back in the present, the DA talks to Asher. He reveals that an eyewitness saw Asher in the parking garage the night that Sinclair died, and that is also the last place she was seen alive. Laurel mentions that she thinks Frank shot Annalise around Oliver to see how he reacts, to prove to Connor that they can't tell him what really happened. Annalise tells everyone to leave, except Wes.

The rest of the group goes to a bar. Oliver tells Connor that he quit his job, and he wonders if Annalise will hire him, which Connor immediately objects to. In the past, Annalise's baby doesn't make it, which provides for a really emotional scene, as in the present Annalise tells Wes that she blames herself for Rose's death.

Back in the flashback, Eve asks Sam how Annalise is, and he tells her the news. He also says that Annalise will no longer be on the case. Then, the conversation from the night before is continued, where Annalise accuses the client of having raped Rose, and that Wes is his son. He then fires her. In the present, Annalise tells Wes who his father is. Outside the bar, Michaela expresses her anger to Asher, and they end up kissing. They then move it into the bathroom. Wes looks up his father, and discovers that he has moved to Manhattan. Bonnie concludes that Sam told Frank to kill Lila, but Laurel doesn't come to that conclusion, and she goes to Annalise's house, and says that she knows that she told Frank to kill Lila. Annalise, as a result, runs off to her mother's house.

There were some really good scenes in this episode, but also some I really didn't care about. Overall, it was a good episode.

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