Fresh Off the Boat S2E16 Review

Jessica manages the restaurant for a little while as Louis is injured. This should be funny.

S2E16 "Tight Two"

At the start of the episode, Mitch gets a call at Cattleman's Ranch about take-out, and it is hilarious when he doesn't realize that this is Louis's way of announcing that they are starting take-out. At home, Louis, trying to be cool, breaks his leg. This means that Jessica has to go to work at Cattleman's in place of him. It is hilarious when he tells her that she can't fire anyone, and she tries to find exceptions. When Jessica gets home, Louis isn't there. She finds him, and he tells her that he can't spend time alone with their kids.

Jessica tells Louis that the next day he must spend the whole day with the kids. The next day, Louis is very nervous, and doesn't know what to do, which is pretty funny. Jessica discovers that when people call in an order and then eat in the restaurant, the workers have to clean up, but don't get tipped, so she encourages this to punish them. This results in a hilarious scene where people in the restaurant call in an order. Jessica ends up not taking a big order because she believes that it is actually Mitch, and Louis lets the kids cut off his cast.

At the hospital, Jessica and Louis are waiting. Jessica tries to convince Louis to fire some of his workers because they are lazy. Jessica goes to the restaurant, and discovers that they are working hard when a kids baseball team shows up. She ends up giving them a tip, and ends "to go to stay". Louis tells the kids that he isn't that interesting, and they are fine with that.

Jessica was pretty funny, and the episode started out pretty funny, but there were many parts of the episode that were quite weak. Overall, it was an alright episode.

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