Jane the Virgin S2E14 Review

Petra gives birth this week on Jane the Virgin. Will it be funny?

S2E14 "Chapter Thirty-Six"

The flashback that starts this week's episode takes place when Jane is fifteen. She has fallen in love with romance novels, but Alba has blacked out some parts of the book, which is hilarious. In the present, Jane suggests having sex, and Michael suggests that they get married soon. No! Their relationship becomes fairly normal, except for Mateo and Rafael. The scene with all of them is really awkward, which is funny. Jane fantasizes what could have happened if Jane and Michael hadn't broken up, and it is really funny. Rogelio is being held hostage, and to threaten him, she threatens to cut his face, which is pretty funny. Rogelio pretends to be in love with his captor, and we really see the emotion in his face when he discovers that he has a text from Jane, it is really sad. Michael works on the case, and it is presented Scandal style, which is very entertaining. Jane and Michael celebrate their would-be anniversary, and he gets her a book from the author she met a year ago, and discovers that the author stole her idea.

Jane plans to sue the author for plagiarism, and in bed she tells Michael how sad she is because she really wanted to come back to that idea. Gina Rodriguez's performance is fantastic. Jane tries to prove that she first came up with the idea, and it is hilarious when she calls someone and pretends to be the author's assistant because the name she comes up with his Olivia Poperson. Xo discovers that Alba had sex with someone besides her father, and becomes angry at Alba. Rogelio tells his captor that he loves her, but she doesn't believe him. He says that his caring for Jane is holding him back, so he comes up with a text that his captor can send her. He tries to hint that something is wrong, but Jane and Xo don't get the hint. Petra calls Jane, and tells her that something is wrong with Rafael. Michael tells Jane that he is working with Rafael.

Petra visits Jane, and asks her to go to a birthing class with her, as Rafael has decided not to go. In the car, Petra tells Jane that they are actually going to confront Rafael. Jane tells Petra that Rafael is working with the police, and then Jane and Petra hear about the author on the radio. Jane tells Petra about her idea being stolen, and Petra decides that they should confront the author, which is hilarious. Petra teaches Jane how to be more effective in her confrontation, but then Petra's water breaks. Petra discovers that it is too risky to have the drugs that will help her in giving birth. Michael and Rafael are stuck in traffic together, which could end up being really awkward. To distract Petra, Jane talks about her and Michael, and Petra says that if they were really so great together, they wouldn't have broken up in the first place. I cheered here. Jane reads the chapter of her novel to Petra, and ends up realizing that it isn't that similar to the author's version. Rogelio executes his plan, where he slips a sleeping pill into his captor's wine. Petra gives birth, and it is a great scene, really funny.

Petra thanks Jane, and tells her that the names for the babies are Elsa and Anna. Jane brings up that these are the names from Frozen, and Petra hilariously claims that only Jane would know that. Rafael shows up, and Jane goes out to talk to Michael. She says that she doesn't want to go back to their old relationship, but she doesn't want to break up. Michael proposes, and Jane says yes before he can even ask the question, which is pretty funny. Rogelio tries to escape, but it doesn't go as planned. Xo tells Alba that she invited Alba's ex, but Alba says that he is bad luck.

I really liked how the different parts of the episode tied together, that's something that Jane the Virgin does really well. This was a great episode.

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