Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E19 Review

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Jake and Terry work together to solve an old case this week.

S3E19 "Terry Kitties"

At the start of the episode, Holt has returned from vacation really happy, and the group plans to take advantage of that. Their ideas of what they want are hilarious. Then, Scully and Hitchcock get him out of this mood, which is really funny. Terry receives a kitten, which is a way for people to remind him of something he did many years ago. Gina and Charles discover that Adrian is living at the precinct, and he ends up deciding to stay at Charles's, which Charles didn't really offer to him. Holt tells everyone about a bomb defusing class, which Rosa and Amy both decide to attend. Jake convinces Terry to go to the other precinct and stand up to them, but he just ends up with more kittens.

Jake offers to work on the unsolved case with Terry to prove something to the other precinct. Charles can't stand living with Adrian, and it is pretty funny. Jake and Terry discover that the first seven witnesses on the case have died, which is hilarious. Amy and Rosa become competitive, and it is sort of funny. Jake and Terry interview the witness, but she remembers nothing, and that is pretty funny. Terry discovers a lead in the elevator, however. Jake and Terry run into the people from the other precinct. Charles tries talking to Adrian, but this goes poorly in a funny way. Holt defeats Amy and Rosa, and his bragging is hilarious. Jake and Terry attempt to bust the guy they think is involved in the robberies, but he is sitting on the toilet.

Jake shows Terry his work from the previous night, and there is a hilarious joke about the amount of crime in New York. Jake has discovered that the guy in the wheelchair could actually walk. Holt, Amy, and Rosa discover that they all failed the class, but Scully and Hitchcock passed, which is really funny. Rosa then brings up an upcoming class, and it is hilarious. Gina tells Adrian to get out of Charles's apartment, and it is really funny when she explains how she too has been through hell. Jake and Terry solve the case.

This episode started strong and ended strong, though it was weaker in the middle. Overall, still a really good episode.

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