How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Finale Review

This episode, being a finale, should have a lot of surprised. Also, there are supposed to be 2 deaths in this episode. The wait is over, the season finale is here!

S2E15 "Anna Mae"

The Keating 5, Frank, and Bonnie are at Annalise's house, worried because she is missing. Laurel is extremely hung over. She tells Frank what she said to Annalise, who believes that this is the reason for Annalise leaving. Oliver has discovered that Annalise went to Memphis. In Memphis, at her mother's house, Annalise meets with some people she hasn't seen for a long time. She freezes when she sees her father, and she refuses to talk to him.

In the past, Frank considers the offer he got from the woman he was going to have sex with. It is also revealed that he put a listening device in Annalise's hotel room. In the present, the group calls in Nate, who reveals that there is an arrest warrant that's going to be issued for Annalise. Annalise is angry because her mother and father are back together. Wes talks to Laurel about going to New York to see Mahoney, but she convinces him otherwise. Laurel tells Frank what they were talking about, and he didn't know that Mahoney was Wes's father. Nate shows up in Memphis to warn Annalise.

It turns out that Frank's bugging of Annalise's hotel room was what he was supposed to do for the woman, who says that they will see each other again. Asher wants to talk to Michaela about what they did last night, and he is really awkward and funny. They then start kissing, but then Michaela stops it. Annalise's mother and Nate are really funny. Oliver finds Annalise's arrest warrant, and that it is redacted. One of the reasons for this could be that one of them was an informant. This could get interesting. Annalise's mother talks about why she never had a baby, which is because she is still a baby herself. Annalise tells her mother about the baby she had who died, and it is a really emotional moment.

Annalise tells her mother that she wanted to get shot, and it starts to turn into a great moment between them, but then Annalise ends it. The woman listening in on Annalise is working for Mahoney, and it seems that the accident may not have been an accident. The Keating 5 and Oliver discover who the informant was. Annalise's mother wakes her up for a great scene, where she writes a note to her baby. In no words, Viola Davis gives an outstanding performance as she writes the note. She buries the note, and it is very emotional.

Annalise discovers all of the voicemails left on her phone. She answers a call from Michaela, who reveals that Caleb was the informant. Annalise calls Nate, saying she needs his help. Caleb has got to be one of the people that dies. Annalise accuses Caleb of being a sociopath and a serial killer, and all of the evidence against her is his word. It turns out that Phillip gave Annalise evidence that Caleb killed his parents. Annalise brings in Phillip. The group at Annalise's house watches the news, and wonder how Annalise did it. Bonnie tells everyone to leave, which seems suspicious considering that two people are supposed to die tonight. And then, we get the first of those deaths, Caleb, lying in a pool of blood in the bathtub.

Oliver calls Stanford and pretends to be Connor, and declines the acceptance. He then deletes the email. This plan seems like it would have a hole in it. In the past, Frank tells Sam what happened, and Sam gets mad at him. Frank wants to tell Annalise, but Sam says not to. This is how Sam gets Frank to kill Lila. Laurel goes to Frank's apartment, and doesn't find him there. She expects to see his dead body in the bathroom, but it is empty. She discovers blood in the closet though. Wes goes to New York, and tells Mahoney that he thinks that he is his son, but then Mahoney gets shot. This was a crazy ending. Now we have to wait six months for more How to Get Away with Murder!

The first half of the episode didn't give us much except for Annalise's mother. The scene with Annalise in the yard was great, but other than that, it was actually a weaker episode. Overall, it was pretty good.

What did you think of "Anna Mae"? What do you think is in store for season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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