The Goldbergs S3E17 Review

Since when did the Goldbergs provide promotion for upcoming movies? I know it is a long time before the Dirty Dancing ABC Remake comes out but I can't help but feel that they are providing early promotion for it. But still, this was a great homage for not one, but two famous dance movies.

S3E17 "The Dirty Dancing Dance"

After watching Dirty Dancing 17 times, Beverly gives Erica the idea to throw a Dirty Dancing Dance at her school which Barry refused because he thought Footloose was better. But the principal refuses because he wanted a 50's themed dance. Erica tries to convince the principal but it is Beverly who gets him to agree to the idea. However Beverly reconsiders after she realises every one kept saying it as '"Dirty Dancing"(If you know what I mean). She then tries to discreetly tell the principal to not do the dance but Erica finds out because the principal left the school PA system on during the conversation. To make Erica feel better, Barry takes her to the gym and pulls off some epic Footloose inspired dance moves in traditional Barry style. Erica refuses to join him but she gets the idea to stage a Dirty Dance as an act of rebellion. She gets Lainey and the Jenkintown Posse to help with setting up her plan. The plan goes well until Erica tries to do the famous jump from the movie with Jeff but he fails to catch her and she crashes into a table. Beverly and Murray come to pick her up and scold her but Beverly realises that just like in the movie, she was being the controlling mother. She then lets Erica have her Dirty Dancing moment and thus makes the night more enjoyable.

While all this was happening, Pops tries to get Murray to dance to make Beverly happy. Murray is initially reluctant but then he videotapes himself using Adam's camera and enjoys himself. But Pops and Adam see the tape and tell Murray that he sucks. But that doesn't stop him from dancing with Beverly at the school dance.

This was another great and crazy episode. Glad to finally see Erica in the spotlight after a long time.  Looks like Jeff is finally gonna get what he wants soon, especially after how he and Erica danced together. But why is no one talking about Adam and his breakup? Did everyone just forget about it or will that be the focus of later episode? Regardless, I think my favourite part of this episode was when Erica crashed into the table. Even though she got hurt, it was still hilarious

Quote of th week: "Give me a chance to groove all up on you"

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