Superstore S2E12 Review

This week, the girls go out to a ladies' lunch when Glenn reveals Amy's secret.

S2E12 "Ladies' Lunch"

At the start of the episode, Glenn accidentally reveals that Amy is in marriage counseling, and it is hilarious when he comments on what people are reacting to. Amy shows up, and quickly figures out that everyone knows, which is entertaining. Jonah is annoying in the expected way, as he tries unsuccessfully to comfort Amy. Glenn feels horrible about revealing things, and tells a hilarious story about a spider. Dina suggests a ladies' lunch, and when Amy refuses, Dina forces it upon her.

At the ladies' lunch, the group tries to decide what they will talk about, and Dina hilariously suggests that they talk about their favorite part of the penis. It is also hilarious when Amy returns to Dina's answer to this after Sandra shares her fictional story about her and Jeff. The girls play the game where you decide who out of three people you would have sex with, marry, and kill, and she reveals that she and Garrett had sex.

Meanwhile, Sandra hits it off with a guy, but when one of the other ladies comes over, Sandra has to decide between revealing that her relationship with Jeff is fake, or telling this guy that she has a boyfriend. Poor Sandra. At the end of the episode, the girls return to the store, and it is funny when Amy, who previously said that she struggles with change, and has had the same hairstyle since high school, cuts her hair significantly shorter.

Garrett and Jonah play a basketball-like game, and when Mateo tells Glenn about their game, they make him think he's good so that he will join in instead of making them stop. It is hilarious when Mateo gives it a try, and thinks then that he is an athlete, but struggles in high-fiving Glenn. It is very funny when a customer comes into the store, and Glenn says that he doesn't think they sell toilet paper. At the end, Jonah, who has been annoyed by Marcus, says that he wins Amy. I think this pairing his happening very soon. Like the end of the season

This was a strong episode. The ladies' lunch was great, and the guys' part of the episode was good. There were many great jokes.

Score: 9.5/10

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