Superior Donuts Series Premiere Review

CBS's only mid-season comedy, Superior Donuts, premiered Thursday night, and its cast includes Judd Hirsch and Katey Sagal.

S1E1 "Pilot"

The start of the episode introduces us to Arthur, the owner of Superior Donuts, played by Judd Hirsch, and a couple of police officers, including a long-time officer played by Katey Sagal. The jokes aren't hilarious, but they are funny. Also, Katey Sagal's character is well introduced. Franco comes into Superior Donuts looking for a job. There are some good jokes here, mostly when a Middle Eastern man comes into the store, and makes a couple of references to terrorist jokes. The first act is very short, and the anti-gentrification message is loud and clear, too much so.

Franco insists on promoting Superior Donuts, and it's funny when he dresses a friend of his up as a donut. The police officers come into the store, and there is a funny line when Franco turns his back on a Chicago cop, and then when Katey Sagal's character says she has a body cam on. Franco and Arthur conflict more and more, and eventually Franco gets fired. The next day, Arthur and the Middle Eastern man talk, and there is a funny line about calling Arthur "the Jew". The episode has a strong ending in how it sets up the series, especially the relationship between Arthur and Franco, with Arthur standing up for Franco.

Before the end of the episode, the show seemed similar to The Great Indoors in a bad way, and like it was really trying to be Cheers. The end of the episode is when its own voice comes out, and it was strong. Also, Katey Sagal was really funny. Her character is my favorite.

Score: 6.5/10

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