Mom S4E12 Review

This week, some cookies that Bonnie stole from Adam end up creating problems for Christy and Bonnie.

S4E12 "Wind Chimes and a Bottomless Pit of Sadness"

At the start of the episode, Christy gets home from work, and she has a funny line about foreign people not tipping her at the restaurant, so she want to get rich, go to their countries, and not tip. Bonnie also has a funny moment when she talks about how 3A doesn't know her name. This also reminds us of how Bonnie makes money. Christy also asks Bonnie what gluten is, and she makes something up, which is very funny. The women end up getting high after eating cookies Bonnie stole from Adam. High Bonnie and Christy makes me worry that this will be similar to the horrible drunk guests episode from earlier this season.

Bonnie talks about how the courtyard is a missed opportunity, which is funny. Christy is sad, so Bonnie suggests that they skip to be happy, and Christy doesn't know how to skip. The episode is filled with funny moments, but not much story. Christy and Bonnie go to a meeting, where it is obvious that they are high. The funniest part here is Bonnie being nice to a woman named June. Christy and Bonnie share their cookies with Jill and Wendy, because somehow Jill and Wendy are not realizing that Christy and Bonnie are high. It is hilarious when Bonnie asks how she looks when she answers a call, and then thinks that Adam is breaking up with her.

Adam discovers the four high women, who have some funny lines. After they discover that they had pot, the women all freak out about how they have lost their sobriety. It's funny when Adam struggles with these women, so he calls Marjorie. Marjorie tells them that they haven't lost their sobriety because they didn't make the choice to get high. She shares a story of what happened to her once, and there are a couple of good lines there. The end of the episode sets up the idea that Bonnie and Adam might get married, which would make sense considering how he was upgraded to the main cast this season.

The episode had humor, but the story was incredibly lacking. The characters didn't want anything, things just happened to them, and kept happening to them. The stakes never even increased.

Score: 4.5/10

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