Speechless S1E3 Review

This show improved in week two, in my opinion, so can it improve again in week three? Read on for my thoughts!


In this episode, Maya is very excited that J.J. has made cool friends, and this leads to some funny moments, especially when she gets him a new chart. The rest of the episode's beginning isn't as interesting, though Dylan may be more interesting this week than last.

In the second act, the scene with Dylan and her friends is actually funny, largely when one friend says that she deserves the pain. The dad also becomes interesting this week, with some good lines that are well delivered. The scene where the kids in the gym try to treat J.J. as their equal is hilarious, I laughed so hard at their insults.

The scene where Ray and his dad talk about caring what other people think is surprisingly deep, and I completely loved it. It was completely different than other sitcoms, where the conclusion wasn't fixing what embarrassing thing they did, but not caring what others think, though it take this twist at the end, and it felt fitting.

This show has gotten stronger with every episode so far. This week most of the episode was very strong, and the weaker parts weren't even that weak.

Score: 9/10

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