Modern Family S8E3 Review

This week on Modern Family, we have an election. A student council election. But it could still provide plenty of humor, even if it can't provide as much as the current presidential election.

S8E3 "Blindsided"

This week, Alex can't speak because of her mono, and it is a smart story choice for her character, because she has difficulty explaining what she means by what she writes to her family. The meeting about Luke's college options is hilarious, and there is a great moment where Manny's reaction to losing the last election is shown. Also, Cam makes a typical Cam move, and it is funny.

Cam and Mitch have a typical storyline for them, but it is very entertaining. Jay and Gloria visit Luke to convince him not to run, and I laughed very hard at Gloria's line about how Luke has the right spirit saying he is graduating high school.

Mitch and Cam have a great ending to their story, where Mitch gets tricked into letting the football player stay. The final scene for Phil and Haley is a good one, and I loved his line about how the prices have been slashed. Sadly, Luke and Manny's storyline, which started out stronger, came to an uninteresting end.

I wish Alex had made more appearances in the episode, she only appeared at the beginning, but there were still plenty of entertaining moments, and Mitch and Cam were especially great this week.

Score: 8.5/10

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