Saturday Night Live Report Card: Season 42 Premiere

I'll be honest, I was not pleased when SNL fired Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, or when Alec Baldwin was announced as the new Donald Trump (Darrell was bigly awesome as Trump). But cast members (and Alec Baldwins) come and go, so, as the Muppets say, It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights, It's time to meet the new cast on SNL tonight. Let's get to the SNL Season 42 Premiere Report Card.

Cold Open: Hillary Vs. Trump Debate

This was a great start to the season. Kate's Hillary is top-notch, and I'm so happy that she won an Emmy for it. Alec did a really good Trump. He's not as good as Darrell, but with some work, he could be. This was almost as funny as the real debate. I loved how faux-Trump wanted to leave and declared himself the winner after two minutes. The best part of this sketch was faux-Hillary. Everything was great. Her "I think I'm gonna be president" line was amazing. And it was great when she gave up her time so Trump could embarrass himself even more. I need Hillary Clinton to win this election, just so I can see Kate McKinnon play her for the next 4 years. Nobody will ever be as good of a Hillary as Kate.
Grade: A
Score: 9.5

Margot Robbie Monologue:

This wasn't a great monologue. It was a decent monologue, but it wasn't all that funny. It got off to a weak start, but got a bit better. The SNL cast members (especially Pete Davidson and Cecily Strong) were very good in this sketch. Margot Robbie got better as the sketch went on, but she wasn't the most memorable part of the sketch.
Grade: C-
Score: 6

Live Report:

This sketch kept getting better and better as time went on. Matt just kept getting more and more unappealing, and the reactions of the entire news team was hilarious, especially the man interviewing them.
Grade: B-
Score: 7.5

The Librarian:

I honestly have no idea what I just watched. This was so strange and weird, that it wasn't really that funny to me. But I did laugh when the Librarian killed Cecily Strong's character.
Grade: D+
Score: 5.5

Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition

I really enjoyed this sketch. Margot Robbie's Ivanka was awesome. The Trump Brothers appearing out of nowhere, and Harvey's response "Show Me: Children of the Corn", was great. Kate was an awesome Kellyanne Conway, especially with her "Hillary Clinton is from North Korea" line. And it was an absolute pleasure to see Bernie Sanders appear as himself Larry David appear as Bernie Sanders. I hope that they find a way to keep him around.
Grade: B+
Score: 8.5

Weekend Update:

Jost and Che have really gotten fantastic at this. I saw them over the summer when they were on MSNBC for a Weekend Update Special (During the RNC and DNC), and they were great. They have great chemistry as WU hosts, and they're really funny. I loved when Jost compared Hillary and Trump to iPhones and Samsungs. That was really good. The best line of WU was "She came out to James Brown's 'I Feel Good'. I just want to point out that James Brown died of Phenomena." Cecily Strong's Cathy Anne was great. Kenan always does a great Ortiz impression. I thought Che did a good job talking about the NFL Protests.
Grade: B+
Score: 8.5

The Hunch Bunch:

Margot Robbie really shined in this sketch. Her character and Kyle Mooney's made the sketch. I felt really bad for Mooney's character, though. He just wanted to get out of there. And Becca-Ashley is so dumb. "He made a mask of his own face". Not exactly, dear. I'm just going to guess that Becca-Ashley is not going to be part of the group ever again. That ending was just fantastic. That poor Groundskeeper. He didn't even break the law.
Grade: A-
Score: 9

Melania Moments:

This way very well done. Cecily's face was hilarious during this whole thing. And the narration was great. I also want to know: "Is there a 6th Avenue?"
Score: 8
Grade: B

The Actress Roundtable:

This was very good. It was very nice to see Sasheer Zamata in a sketch (she's so talented, I don't get why they don't give her more sketches). Kate McKinnon (once again) dominated this sketch. She's one of the best SNL has ever seen. It's always great to see the performers laugh, and Margot Robbie really wanted to break out laughing. Aidy Bryant's character really looked so upset be how horribly wrong this was going.
Score: 9.5
Grade: A


Huge props to Leslie Jones for addressing her hacking with an SNL sketch. This was a great way to end the show. I loved that she had such an old computer (and so many Delta Boarding Passes). Pete Davidson was great in this, too.
Score: 9
Grade: A-

Grade: B
Pass or Fail: Pass
MVP of the Week: Kate McKinnon
The "Where the Heck Were You" Award: Vanessa Bayer- Where the heck were you?
The "Unsung Hero" Award- Aidy Bryant
Sketch of the Night: Hillary Vs. Trump Debate
Worst of the Night: The Librarian

This was a great premiere. I really enjoyed it. And next week, the review will be uploaded early Sunday morning.

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