Dancing With the Stars Season 23 Week 4 Review

It's Cirque du Soleil Night on Dancing With the Stars. This is a new theme, so I'm excited to see what they have in store for us tonight. And I want to start off the review by thanking Tim Kaine and Mike Pence for debating tomorrow. That means we don't have to deal with a filler-packed (double) elimination episode. Those are always the worst.

Babyface & Allison Holker's Tango

Babyface disappointed me last week with a lackluster jive. This week, he had to redeem himself. Unfortunately, his dance was only okay. His timing was not right. He looked a little confused. It's really upsetting, because he was really good in the beginning.
My Score: 6

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough's Paso Doble

Marilu was very good week. I'm hoping that she can work on the issues that the judges addressed, because she's one of the better dancers in this competition. This was one of her worst performances, though.
My Score: 8

Laurie Hernandez & Val Chmerkovskiy's Jazz

Wow. This was the best dance of the night. And the best dance of the season. This was just so fantastic. I don't have anything to say. This was just perfect.
My Score: 10

James Hinchcliffe & Sharna Burgess's Quickstep

It seems that the judges enjoyed this dance more than I did. I thought James did a really good job with this dance, though. This was easily his best dance of the season. He's definitely at the top of the pack.
My Score: 8

Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson's Viennese Waltz

Vanilla Ice is near the bottom of my personal leaderboard, so he needed to step it up this week. Unfortunately, while this was his best dance, it was still one of my least favorites. I think he's in trouble tomorrow.
My Score: 7

Terra Jole & Sasha Farber's Samba

Terra did a good job tonight, as always. She did a very good job this week, even though she struggled is rehearsal. And her answer to Julianne's question (What is the word that comes to mind when you dance), "Scared", was great. I admire her honesty
My Score: 8
Calvin Johnson & Lindsay Arnold's Charleston

Calvin did a really good job this week. His Charleston was very well done. In my opinion, this was his best dance so far. He did well, especially with the dances being longer this week. I think Julianne underscored him this week (which is usually not something I say)
My Score: 8

Jana Kramer & Gleb Savchenko's Foxtrot

Jana was very good this week. I know I've said it a lot tonight, but this was her best dance so far. I thought she did a very good job with the dance.
My Score: 8

Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke's Viennese Waltz

Once again, this was his best dance so far. He actually did a really good job this week, and he may have saved himself from elimination.
My Score: 7

Maureen McCormick & Artem
 Chigvintsev's Argentine Tango

Maureen did a very good job this week. This was her best dance so far. I thought she was great. This dance was just so well done. I'm glad that they were able to do so well, despite having a tough week.
My Score: 9
Amber Rose & Maks Chmerkovskiy's Argentine Tango

Well this started off a bit uncomfortable. But luckily, everything is fine now, and we can focus on dance. This was by far Amber's best dance. Hopefully, she can start to improve each week. She can actually become a really good dancer.
My Score: 7
(DIS)HONORABLE MENTION (Part 2): Ryan Lochte

DANCER OF THE NIGHT: Laurie Hernandez (by far)
My Rankings:
1- Laurie Hernandez
2- Maureen McCormick
3- Terra Jole
4- James Hinchcliffe
5- Calvin Johnson
6- Marilu Henner
7- Jana Kramer
8- Amber Rose
9- Ryan Lochte
10- Vanilla Ice
11- Babyface
This was a great episode. Everyone did pretty well. I have no idea who is going to be sent packing tomorrow.
Grade: A-
Score: 8.5
In the first elimination, Babyface & Allison and  Maureen & Artem are the Bottom 2. Babyface and Allison are eliminated, making Maureen & Artem safe. In my opinion, Maureen didn't deserve to be anywhere near the Bottom 2. In the second elimination, James & Sharna, Vanilla Ice & Witney, and Jana & Gleb are the Bottom 3. James & Sharna are announced as safe, leaving Vanilla Ice & Witney and Jana & Gleb as the Bottom 2. Vanilla Ice & Witney are eliminated.

This was pretty good results show. The score is propped up a bit by Sasha's proposal to Emma, because that was great. I'm surprised at the results. In my eyes, the right two people went home (if you judge only by this week). The whole show was good, too. No meaningless fluff. Good job, guys.
Grade: A
Score: 9

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