Telenovela S1E4 Review

Telenovela begins airing in its regular timeslot with this episode. In the previous episodes, Ana has sometimes been annoying, and the storylines have sometimes been unoriginal. Will this episode be good, or not? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E4 "The Kiss"

The episode starts with Ana discovering that Xavier parked in two spots, one of which is hers, so she squeezes in between his car and another car, which is pretty funny. Xavier starts to get under Ana's skin because he is back out there dating again, and she isn't. As a result, she forgets her line, so there is a hilarious stare-down. Xavier says that he doesn't believe in ghosts, but Rodrigo and the new girl completely disagree. Ana and the network president decide to go out for dinner to talk about work, but Mimi says that it is a date.

Mimi and Gael try to prepare Ana for her date, but she doesn't believe it's actually a date. When he shows up at the door, she discovers it is actually a date. Xavier, Rodrigo, and the new girl ask Isabella about ghosts that haunt the set, and she tells them that a ghost haunts the leading man of every show filmed there. He ends up getting very nervous, and asks Rodrigo and the new girl how to get rid of the ghost. Mimi and Gael realize that Ana is acting like Pasion when with the network president, and there is a hilarious scene where she must clean up when he knocks on her dressing room floor and she is eating cheese puffs.

Mimi and Gael tell Ana that they don't love what she is doing, but they love him. Isabella, Rodrigo, and the new girl trick Xavier, and reveal that the whole ghost thing was an initiation. Xavier goes through all of the things that the others did to trick him, and discovers that there is one thing they didn't do. That ghost turns out to be the writer, who secretly lives on set. Ana's second date doesn't go as well, because she's Ana, not Pasion. Ana and the network president talk, and she discovers that he likes her better than Pasion. The sprinklers end up going off when the fake hair she takes out catches on fire. The episode ends with the network president and Ana watching the security camera footage.

There were some funny moments, but overall the episode wasn't that funny and was fairly predictable. It was a mediocre episode.

What did you think of "The Kiss"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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