Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E13 Review

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I am especially excited for Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week. Why? Because Nicey Nash is playing
Holt's sister! Will this live up to my expectations?

S3E13 "The Cruise"

Amy and Jake are preparing for a cruise, and Amy has an itinerary because there are seventy-seven activities offered, and she signed up for seventy-six of them, which is really funny. Holt is telling Terry and Gina about his sister, who is about to arrive. He describes her as the drama queen of the family, and the others ask if that means she has laughed out loud one time. She shows up, and is pretty funny, because it's Nicey Nash! Charles and Rosa are investigating a murder, and they discover that the apartment is great, so they both want it. Amy and Jake discover that Doug Judy is working on the cruise ship. They try to get him arrested, but it turns out that only the captain can do that, and almost half of the crew are criminals. There is also a funny joke about ranch dressing.

Doug Judy is worried that his old boss is after him and is on the boat. Holt is getting annoyed by his sister. She calls him "fun" and he gets offended, which is really funny. Rosa is trying to get the person selling the apartment to like her, which is really funny because it's Rosa, and Charles declares that they have a "suck off", which he ends up realizing does not sound good, and is hilarious. Jake believes that Doug Judy is lying, but he ends up realizing that he is serious when Judy almost gets killed. Also, there are a couple of sort of funny moments during shuffle boarding.

Jake and Amy come up with a plan, but Doug Judy insists that Jake and Amy blend in, so they dress up like typical tourists. Holt dramatizes his life to make his sister feel like he is overwhelmed, so she would decide to leave. This is hilarious, especially when he says that he "just can't even". Holt discovers, however, that his sister showed up because she just went through a break up. The man reveals to Charles and Rosa that he selected someone else, and Rosa hilariously gets angry because she smiled at him. Jake and Amy rescue Doug Judy after a really funny scene where he sings a funny song, and then has a funny line about how he is not ready to die, and he is only on the second season of Game of Thrones. Judy ends up escaping though.

Doug Judy has escaped the boat, and he shouts to Jake and Amy as they shout to him, and it is really funny. Holt builds a fort to talk to his sister. Charles and Rosa discover that the man was responsible for the murder, and that means that the decision goes to someone else, so they compete again, which is sort of funny. At the end of the episode, Jake and Amy go to what they discover to be a dance class for widows, which is pretty funny. Why all the widow events though?

Jake and Amy's storyline mostly not that interesting, but the scenes of Doug Judy's Rosa song, and the shouting conversation were funny. Holt's storyline was very funny. Charles and Rosa's storyline was good. Overall, this was a good episode.

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