Life in Pieces S1E14 Review

Life in Pieces has had some stories that I haven't enjoyed as much, but I believe that it is getting better now. Will this week continue the trend? Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S1E14 "Will Trash Book Spa"

In the first story, Jen helps John and Joan with their will because Heather volunteered her. John wants to add "a couple of zingers" in there, which is really funny. Jen doesn't make them pay, but after that she talks to Greg, and he thinks they shouldn't pay. He tries to split the cost among the siblings. Heather gets annoyed by that, so the family all starts charging each other for things. They get into a fight, and Jen takes responsibility. The family then reconciles, and John and Joan trick them, telling them that they are giving all of their money to charity, which was a little bit funny.

In the second story, Heather and Tim and their kids are deciding where to go on vacation. Samantha thinks that they should pick up trash because they love the Earth. She comes up with an idea then, that whoever has the least amount of trash in one day gets to pick where they go. Alliances are formed, and there are some funny moments. The funniest is Sophia's cheating. She flushes the trash down the toilet. At the end, Sophia wins, and despite an alliance formed with Heather, she choses to go where she wants to go, which results in standing in a long line.

In the third story, Colleen tells Matt about a job offer. She is going to write a children's book which he can illustrate. He takes his drawings very seriously, and wants it to have realism and comment on society. He and Colleen get into a disagreement. He decides to go along with what she wants, but she sends in his original drawings, and the publishing company loves them. I didn't laugh at all in this story.

In the forth story, Joan gives Jen and Greg a coupon for a couples massage, because they are stressed out. The massage ends up being hilarious, because while they are getting massaged, there is an accident outside. They want to do something about it, but the masseuses tell them to just relax. There are many funny moments in this.

This was a weaker episode. The first story was mediocre, the second was pretty good, the third was terrible, and the fourth was really good. Overall, the episode was alright.

What did you think of "Will Trash Book Spa"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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