The 100 Season 3 Premiere Review

It's finally back! It's been about 10 months since The 100 last aired, and I am very excited that it is back. During its first two seasons, the show was one of my favorites as the characters struggled to decide what was right, how to be a leader, and what sacrifices to make. Also, the show demonstrates how anyone can be a leader, regardless of gender. The 100 gives us male leaders in Bellamy, Jaha, and Kane, as well as female leaders in Clarke, Abby, and Lexa. Will the show continue to be great in season three? That question begins to be answered now.

S3E1 "Wanheda: Part One"

The episode starts where the last season left off with Murphy. Through this, they show the passage of time. He got locked in the room that he found, and over the three months he watches the videos repeatedly and goes crazy. He considers killing himself, but doesn't, and it is a great moment. Then, the door opens, and he gets out, in a moment almost like when Octavia stepped off the Ark in the pilot. Murphy then finds Jaha. Back at the camp, Bellamy and Lincoln are fighting, they are teaching others about fighting. Bellamy tells Lincoln of his new position. A lot is going on, and the Sky People have a serious system set up. Abby wants to find Clarke, but knows that she won't be found until she wants to be found. We are seeing all of the characters again. Jasper is depressed still about Maya. This emotion is very real. Raven, Jasper, Monty, and Bellamy leave the camp. Octavia does as well, on a horse. I liked the way that we saw each of the characters, and that Clarke is being saved for last. They are having a good time, but then they find something.

Murphy wakes up, and he meets Allie. Jaha claims that she saved the world, she didn't end it. I smell a debate on if what happened years ago was right coming up. People from the Ice Nation show up where Bellamy's group is. Jasper tries to take the beacon back, but he is stopped, so they end up killing the people from the Ice Nation. Those Ice Nation people also say that they must be looking for Wanheda. Is Wanheda Clarke? Bellamy and Monty meet with Kane and Indra. Indra brings news that everyone is looking for Clarke. Meanwhile, Clarke, with a new hairstyle, is killing animals for food, in a very badass way of course. It was a great way to introduce Clarke this season. Clarke meets with a grounder girl. Back at the camp, Abby has to help Raven get off the horse. She can't do it herself because of her leg, and Raven doesn't ask for help. It was a great moment. Indra informs the others that Wanheda means "commander of death", and that is referring to Clarke. The grounders believe that when you kill someone, you get their powers, so people want to kill Clarke. A man comes in to the grounder girl's place, and shows her a drawing of Clarke, asking if she has seen her.

Clarke asks the girl why she is helping her, and the girl says it is because her mother was taken by the mountain. Jasper tries to leave, and Abby makes a deal with him, that if he comes back in the morning, he can go. Raven tries to get Abby worried about Jasper, but Abby is more concerned with Raven. Raven lashes out at Abby, and tells her that she is being both doctor and chancellor to hide her pain, and she isn't good at both jobs. Clarke makes out with her grounder girlfriend. I feel conflicted about the two of them, but there isn't much to know about this girl yet. We know that she helped Clarke, so that's a positive, but she also doesn't seem to be on the same page as Clarke when it comes to morals, and she thinks that what Clarke did at the mountain was great, while Clarke hates that she did that. Is this girl too shallow for Clarke?

Octavia is upset that Lincoln is not acting like a grounder, especially with his new uniform. Lincoln insists that there is no "us" or "them". Jaha talks to Murphy, and keeps talking about the City of Light. Murphy insists that he cannot leave pain, envy, and hate. Murphy ends up changing his mind when he sees an old friend. Allie says to Jaha "told you he'd come around". What is going on here? A guy working with Raven wants a part, and she and another girl say that if he sings a song, then he can take it. This is obviously trying to just get more viewers to the show with this guest-starring, as this adds nothing to the story. Abby talks to Raven, not as her chancellor or doctor, but as her friend. The music is good, and it fits the tone well. Clarke wakes up, seeming to be having a small panic attack or something. Last season, when she killed Finn, Lexa said that this would haunt her forever, but now she killed a large number of people, and this is going to haunt her more than she could even have imagined. Jasper gets angry about the Sky People's use of things from the mountain, and he attacks the singer. Clarke, leaving that night, gets captured. This is a great ending to the episode, I can't wait for next week!

This was a great start to the season! I am excited about where the season will lead.

What did you think of "Wanheda: Part One"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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